Introducing our new column focusing on London’s best brunches by Jaunita, co-founder of Best of the Brunch

What: Long lazy Sunday brunches and boozy evening brinners (breakfast for dinner) range from a typical Berlin-style brekkie with all the trimmings to a four-course brunch menu inspired by the Antipodean and Berlin brunch & breakfast cultures. All of this combined with hard-to-come by drinks straight from the German capital (ticket sales range from £20 – £25 per person)


Why: Noemi, founder of brünch shares her passion for bread, brunch and booze and brings you the ultimate Berlin experience – Berlin drinks, brunch, tunes and a good time!


Winter Winner: Because German bread will get you through the winter! Get a generous basket of German bread rolls, sourdough and rye breads and try some of their fabulous extras such as the coconut quinoa porridge or German cheese cake! If you’re not warm enough by then, make sure you mingle as much as you can. Each sitting is nicely intimate with no more than 25/30 people at a time making brünch a great place to meet new people and get together with friends.


Where: Roaming across London in quirky spaces with a certain Berlin feel and vibe! Visit to find out more.