Lockdown has seen us replicate many dishes in the last year (seriously, our pasta machine has been working overtime), but there’s one cuisine we haven’t managed to conquer and that’s pho. This Vietnamese staple calls for a fragrant broth, cooked for several hours to bring out the rich, meaty flavours that no shortcut, or supermarket alternative, could mimic.

Luckily, new delivery service PHOMO has filled our broth-shaped hole with their good-pho-you heat and eat kits. Available for nationwide delivery, the kits – choose from either beef, chicken, king prawn, or vegan – come with all you need for two warming bowls of pho.

In its simplest form, pho is constructed from four elements: an aromatic broth, silky smooth noodles, some form of protein, and a fistful of fresh herbs. Despite its straightforward construction, including placing the noodles in boiling water, heating up the broth, and constructing our pho like some sort of A-Level art project, the taste, flavour and overall satisfaction were totally bang-on, tasting authentic and flavoursome with each element coming into play effortlessly.

The pho was a textual masterpiece, and each bite featured the deeply savoury broth enlivened with slippery noodles, slivers of tender chicken breast and just the right amount of heat from the floating morsels of chilli. We decided to pimp up our pho with a generous (maybe too generous?) dollop of PHOMO’s homemade chilli oil which took our mid-week dinner to delicious, new heights.

When it comes to heat and eat kits, PHOMO delivers in spades. Taking less than ten minutes to make, the broth, which had been cooked for over five hours prior, was the star of the show. Earthy, spiced and not to mention utterly moreish, we found ourselves polishing off the soupy dregs long after we had finished the noodles and chicken.

A comfort food favourite, PHOMO’s kits are an easy and inexpensive way to replicate one of the world’s most loved dishes in an innovative, simplistic way.

For more information on PHOMO, see here. Kits available here