Looking for something extra special to enjoy at home? It’s about time you had gourmet pudding delivered straight to your door – here’s how:

The Proof: The Lowdown

Independent Hackney bakery The Proof, delivers fresh puddings and cakes to Londoners’ doorsteps. The bakery was founded by former music journalist Francesca Strange, who taught herself to bake through with a little help from her Italian Nonna and an old Mary Berry cookbook. The bakery is adding a new Proofiteroles package to its existing menu of desserts. The assemble-at-home profiteroles arrive with an array of toppings and require just enough assembly to convince your dinner guests that you baked them from scratch.

The Proof: What’s On the Menu?

Francesca’s signature pud is ​The Proofiteroles​. Loaded with crème Chantilly and doused with rich, heat-at-home chocolate sauce, the crisp and light choux pastry buns are available in boxes of 10, 20, 30. They can also be delivered uncovered, accompanied by a selection of mix and match toppings, alongside their signature chocolate sauce or salted caramel.

Also available is The Proofiterole Cake, which comprises three layers of chocolate sponge filled with dark chocolate ganache, smothered in buttercream and topped with a tower of profiteroles.

The Proof: What’s More?

Also on the menu is vegan salted caramel pudding with toffee sauce, lemon meringue pie and coconut macaroons with white and dark chocolate drizzle. They also make custom cakes, if you ask nicely. Go on, support local and eat some pudding today.

Boxes are £14 for 10, £22 for 20 and £30 for 30. There’s also a monthly subscription option- all prices list here