As we head into a fresh decade, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence unveils “The Future 100” report.

“The Future 100” helps readers prepare for emerging consumer behaviour with 100 original trend predictions from the Innovation Group. Split into 10 categories, each trend delivers a digestible snapshot of movements so far, while clearly explaining why brands and marketers should pay attention.

From complex cocktails and digital spas to subscription insurance and scientific expeditions, “The Future 100” predicts 2020 will usher in an era that’s realistic yet imaginative at the same time, leveraged by tech innovation and a redefined experience for shoppers on the high street. The report is packed with insights and fresh takes on the year ahead and beyond. If you want to have some fun at home, check out this guide to new casino sites 2020 in the UK.

Emma Chiu, Global Director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, says of the report: “A real cultural change has taken place, with purpose and transparency leading customer loyalty, while imagination is trumping data for consumer appeal. ‘The Future 100’ is a way of keeping up with the big shifts and smaller fast-moving trends, offering marketers an opportunity to get ahead.”

The report’s 10 trend segments are: Brands & Marketing, Culture, Tech & Innovation, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Drink, Beauty, Retail, Luxury, Health and Finance. For information about the latest casinos online we recommend you to visit here.

2020 Food & Drink highlights include:

Futureproof recipes – As pressure to reduce food waste continues to mount, climate-conscious consumers are opening up to new recipes that are not only healthy for themselves, but for the planet too.

Anti-Instagram interiors – The newest restaurants are turning away from the monotonously predictable design vernacular fetishized by social media.

Solving the surplus – Companies are designing sophisticated solutions to tackle food packaging waste.

Transportational interiors – Seeking an edge that goes beyond their menus, cafés and restaurants are conjuring up elaborate interiors that transport consumers to exotic locales.

Biodiverse dining – Chefs are cooking up biodiverse menus that cater to climate-conscious diners.

Co-cooking kitchens – Cooking is getting communal.

Sober bars – A wave of restaurants and bars are dedicating themselves to alcohol-free service.

Complex cocktails – More is more at these bars slinging drinks with 20-plus ingredients.

Regenerative farming revolution – Food brands are tackling climate change through regenerative farming.