London is a city known for its huge finance industry, its sprawling metropolitan area, and an especially big river, among many other things. Thanks to all this business and the sheer quantity of people, there is also an unending number of new trends.

One nascent industry that has only recently begun to explode is the vibrant London coffee scene. If you have yet to fully experience the sheer diversity and level of variety available in London coffee houses, you are absolutely missing out.

By far, the most interesting aspect of this emerging London coffee scene is the innovative ways that coffee houses are driving interest using Instagrammable coffee cups. But how exactly are they doing this? What special tricks is the London coffee scene using to help make coffee so Instagrammable?

How Can Coffee Be Made Instagrammable?

The idea of making coffee cups Instagrammable might seem impossible as a concept for those unfamiliar with it. Coffee is just coffee, right? How can you actually make it more interesting?

Well, many London coffee shops have begun using special machines called Ripple Makers to create personalised or branded images and messages on the foam of their lattes and cappuccinos.

But how do they actually work, and what does the Ripples coffee art printer machine actually do?

What Can The Ripples Coffee Printer Do?

The Ripples Coffee Printer is not the type of thing you would normally expect to find in a coffee shop, as it looks like a motor engine block – but it’s actually incredibly easy to use.

Businesses can either upload custom images or messages to the WiFi connected machine, or choose from the dynamic library of original drink designs. They prepare their drinks as usual and place them on the small tray at the base of the machine. Drinks designs are then sprayed directly onto the foam, much like an inkjet printer, using only natural ingredients that do not impart any taste to the drinks.

Customers can also submit images of their own to be printed on coffee through the Ripples web app. Coffee shop owners we spoke to say that one of the most popular prints is actually a selfie. Apparently people love to drink a coffee with their faces printed on it. Or maybe they simply love posting to Instagram images of coffee with their selfie printed on it.

Either way, people go crazy for this new trend and coffee shop owners are enjoying the Instagram buzz.

The Ripples Instagram page is filled with fun examples of the images they print on coffee. Going through their page we saw realistic images of animals and celebrities, funny messages like “You are magic”, “Good vibes only” or”Ciao Bella” and of course countless selfies of people and even dogs. The level of creativity is really up to us as customers.


There are many reasons to experience the burgeoning London coffee scene at the moment, from new and interesting coffee blends created with coffee machine commercial models to innovative marketing enterprises, but by far, the most interesting for us is the emergence of the Ripples coffee prints.

So, visit a few coffee shops in London and see what you can find – you might be able to get the most Instagrammable coffee you’ve ever had.