There’s a lot that CBD could do for you if you consumed it regularly. It could help you cope with crippling anxiety, combat depression and other mental illnesses, improve your focus, treat acne, improve your sleep, and even prevent serious illnesses down the road.

But many people don’t love the taste of CBD. They love what CBD can do, but holding the oil under their tongues while it absorbs into their mucous membranes isn’t their favorite. That’s why CBD-infused foods are so great.

CBD-infused foods, often referred to as “edibles” are snacks or beverages that contain a dose of CBD. Unlike marijuana edibles, CBD contains no THC and will not make you high. Instead, it could deliver a host of health and wellness benefits to your bloodstream without you losing your mental clarity.

If you’re looking for a tastier way to consume CBD, you’ll want to look into CBD-infused foods. It’s important to note that when you ingest CBD in this form, the concentration of CBD is less potent. The absorption rate is slower when it goes through your digestive system, and stomach acids break up the CBD, and most of the enzymes are lost in the process. Baked, cooked, or fried edibles can also have lower potency because the enzymes are broken down while under high heat.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel the effects of CBD. It just might mean you need a higher dose or that it will release more slowly. Thousands of CBD lovers eat edibles daily because it’s a more pleasant experience, but they still feel the effects. If you’re interested, here are seven great CBD-infused foods to try.


Probably the most commonly consumed CBD edible is the gummy. Gummies are the perfect pairing with the oil of the CBD because it doesn’t change the texture, and it’s easy to add extra flavoring and coloring for a pleasant eating experience.

Gummies are also easy to preserve and take with you wherever you go. They have a long-lasting shelf life, and nobody would think twice about you popping a gummy into your mouth when you’re around other people, which is a big plus for those who want to be inconspicuous with their CBD use.

Gummies can be found online and in pretty much any physical dispensary, and they come in a variety of shapes with worms and bears being the most common.

Breakfast Cereal

Most breakfast cereals are fortified with extra vitamins and minerals to boost the health and wellness of those eating it daily. Well, with the best CBD oil infused breakfast cereal, you’re getting the added vitamins and minerals plus a whole new boost of wellness!

Typically, CBD breakfast cereals are sold in physical dispensaries, but you may be able to find some online. The flavors are also limited because it’s difficult to pair traditional cereal flavors with CBD. Don’t expect this product to taste like your favorite cereals, but it makes a great breakfast replacement if you need a morning boost.

Something Like Cheetos

As of yet, major chip brands like Frito-Lay have nothing to do with CBD, so you can’t use the brand name Cheetos to describe this CBD treat—even if it’s a very similar product. Some brands make a corn-puff chip that comes in cheesy or flaming hot flavors with the CBD weaved inside.

The most famous brand that sells these is Weetos, which also carries a variety of cereals containing CBD; however, these also contain high levels of THC and are sold only where medical marijuana is legally purchased. Possessing these snacks in a state where THC is not legal could result in legal punishment.

Rest assured that Weetos isn’t the only brand to incorporate CBD into beloved snacks, and it won’t be the last. Many companies are using CBD-only active ingredients for snacks that pack a punch.

Cordials and Bitters

CBD oil also pairs well with some alcoholic drinks like bitters and cordials. These liquors are typically flavored with natural flavorings like herbs and fruits, so it’s easy to sneak some CBD in there without it ruining the flavor.

Usually, this product is not made to be drunk by the glass but rather by the dropperful as needed. Additionally, there’s not much research to show the effects of CBD with alcohol, so while it’s believed to have no clashing effects, it hasn’t been proven.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? And if you’re into CBD, you’ll love that these particular chocolates are laced with the health-boosting flavors of CBD. Chocolates make a great food pairing with CBD because they’re rich in oils already, leading to a smooth, rich texture.

CBD is often infused into chocolate gift boxes, truffles, and chocolate bars, and it’s a popular gift and/or guilty pleasure in the CBD community. CBD brownies and other chocolate treats are also delicious and hide the CBD well.


CBD honey is a growing trend among online and in-dispensary CBD companies. Consumers love the taste of honey that covers up the earthy flavor of CBD. It can easily be used as a topping on popular foods like toast and peanut butter sandwiches for a delicious and wellness-packed snack.

Best of all, the consistency of honey is such that CBD oil and honey mix well together. You don’t have to worry about an oily aftertaste with this product.

Matcha Tea

Matcha is another health and wellness craze that’s swept the nation several years running, so it only makes sense that it’s mixed with CBD. You can mix the power of CBD oils with different flavonoids and terpenes with matcha in a variety of flavors.

This creates a soothing drink that tastes great! The many flavors of herbal matcha tea like berry, passion fruit, mango, turmeric, and coconut pair very well with 150 mg or more of CBD, and it works well in both hot and cold teas.