World Vodka Day (4th October) is the perfect time to raise your glasses to one of the world’s favourite spirit. This top-selling Soviet-inspired libation forms the backbone of many great cocktails, and we’ve handpicked our favourite recipes for you to try over the weekend. Did someone say Hot Vodka Mocha?

World Vodka Day: Beluga Collins


– 50 ml Beluga Noble Vodka

– 20 ml Natural elderberry syrup (elderflower works as an alternative too)

– 20 ml Lemon juice

– Soda

– Sprig of rosemary


1. Pour 50 ml of Beluga into a highball glass. Pour 20 ml of natural elderberry syrup. Add 20 ml of lemon juice. Add ice. Fill up with soda and stir.

2. Decorate with a sprig of rosemary.

World Vodka Day: Mos-cow Mule


– 50ml Black Cow

– 25ml Lime juice

– 15ml Honey and Ginger syrup

– Topped with Palmers Ginger Beer

– Garnish: Lime slice


1. Add Black Cow, lime juice and Honey and Ginger syrup to a mixer.

2. Transfer to an ice-filled glass and top with Palmers Ginger Beer. Top with a lime slice.

World Vodka Day: Hot Vodka Mocha


– 50ml Chase Original Potato Vodka

–  ½ shot fresh Espresso

– 3 tsp Hot Chocolate Powder

– 1 tsp Sugar or Honey

–  200ml Milk