Serendipity is something I experience far too infrequently. We often wander the streets of London looking for inspiration, for a taste of something new, and it’s hard to come by. But when I found myself in an Jamaican restaurant with a name like Dub Jam, wearing the most corporate black dress imaginable, I was sure I was going to be out of place. But I could not have been more wrong.


On entering, you’ll be struck by the warmth of the place and the manner of the delightful owner, Kieron Botting. It has the feel of Jamaica all around; the wooden tables, the surf board, the deco – mostly handmade, the blazing fire behind the bar creating yet more heat. And what’s more, and always important, the perfect level of music. Loud enough that there was atmosphere. Soft enough such that you can still have a normal conversation with the person sitting opposite. Reggae was in the air and infused in the rum (literally – ask the owner about this one), creating a warmth about the place.


Kieron describes each dish with passion and belief. You can just tell that his soul is within each and every part of this place: drinks, food, interiors. The jerk-style food is seriously tasty; burgers come with a hot and smokey salsa, which has a chilli kick, cooled down by a surprisingly delicious coconut and yogurt coleslaw. They serve skewers, beach burgers and playful sides – see the fun menu here.

Cocktails (1)

As the night went on, the room plays host to happy groups, all eating, drinking, chattering, laughing. All the while, my friend and I were knocking back rum punch, our cheeks becoming more and more rosy. As I walked out of the door I was brought back to the rather chilly reality of London. I may not have travelled to Jamaica, but Dub Jam sure did give me a taste of something wonderfully exotic. Jah bless.

Dub Jam is at 20 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9HP

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