Champagne is a classic. Winston Churchill used to wash down a couple of brandies with the pop, before hitting the hay and Marilyn Monroe loved the stuff so much that she once bathed in it.

Champagne is the go to fizz for new jobs, new homes, new realisations, new everything. Prosecco is the fizz in vogue, cheaper, sweeter and gently bubbly. But with prosecco harvests not yielding nearly enough bunches per vine to satiate Londoner’s needs, pop the cork on some Champers.

In the words of a fine wordsmith, F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.’ Here are the best ways to drink fizz this week in London:

1. For The Classic: Beaufort Bar at The Savoy


The Drink: Impressionist 26  – Grey Goose Vodka, Miclo Violette Liqueur, Cherry Marnier, Ruinart Ros and Rose Fog.

The Concept:  This is the type of place where a glass leads into a bottle, depending on your mood and bank balance. Time has been well spent on the Champers list, taking guests from classic well-known bubbly to the unique or more unknown boutique Champagne houses.

The Location: The Savoy, Strand, London WC2R 0EU

2. For Champagne 5 Ways: Hotel Chantelle


The Concept: If you can’t quite escape London for a long weekend in New York, don’t worry its famed spot for late owls has come to the capital.  After window shopping in Selfridges, pop around the corner and treat yourself to Champers 5 ways, the most ‘Sex and the City’ was to spend an afternoon.

The Offering: The £22 platter, which includes fresh fruit, Aperol spritz, white peach puree, fresh orange juice, elderflower cordial and grapefruit caviar, is designed to be ordered alongside any bottle of fizz, a way of customising your glass.

The Location:  23 Orchard Street, London, W1H 6HL

3. For Europe’s Longest Champagne Bar: Searcy’s at St Pancras Grand


The Drink: In their commitment to fizz,  they have even released their own blend of Champers. If you’re in a rush for your train, press the button for more Champagne!

The Concept: If you are getting out of London for the weekend, because the silence of the Northern Line is haunting you, you miss mummy, or you just want to blow the brains out of a pheasant or two. Pop in for a splash of Champers at Searcy’s, Europe’s Longest Champagne bar.

The Location: Grand Terrace, Upper Concourse, St Pancras International Station, N1C 4QL

4. For Bubbly at Bonfire: The Barbican


The Concept: The recently opened Bonfire restaurant wants Champagne to be a daily tipple. Now I was slightly disapointed that they weren’t setting light to The Barbican to grill their chicken and toasting it with Champagne, but anyway the Bubbly Bonfire is set to brighten up your Monday.

The Offering: To ease you into the idea they are celebrating National Champagne Week with The Tatty Burger, a glass of Taittinger’s Special Vintage 2008 and a mouth-watering chicken burger for just £12!

The Location: Monday 5th October, The Barbican, Silk Street, London, 

5. For More Champagne: November at Bubbledogs

Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness

The Concept: If you haven’t had your fill of pop by November, head to Bubbledogs where Sommelier Sandia Chang will be serving Champagne from her three favourite female growers – now that’s girl power.  If you prefer to sip at home, get your hand on some Hattingley Valley bubbly, the creation of Emma Rice in Hampshire.

The Location: 2nd-7th November, 70 Charlotte Street