Looking for the best coffee gifts for Christmas 2017? You’re in the right place. From cute homeware to travel mugs, and expresso machines – we’re discovered the best gifts for the caffeine lover in your life. Time to shop:

Coffee Gift Guide: Sets

1. For a Travel Set: Caravan Coffee Roasters 

The Gift: The Commuter (£40)

What They Say: The gift set features a ‘Caravan Trucker’ TravelPress by Espro, a ‘Caravan Baseball’ Enamel mug, and a 350g bag of Xmas Blend. The new Xmas blend is the coffee for the festive season; a 50/50 blend from Nicaragua and Rwanda, this coffee is suitable for both Espresso or Filter – with flavours akin to the jolly season.

What We Say: Caravan Coffee Roasters know their beans, and the Xmas blend will go down well with your coffee loving buddy. We drank enough of the stuff to know that it’s subtly spiced, without being overly sickly. The fancy Travelpress makes drinking coffee on the go super easy, and we love the trendy enamel mug too.

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2. For a Trio of Blends: Union Coffee 

The Gift: Winter Selection Box (£22)

What They Say: The Winter Selection Box contains three different single origin coffee blends. The Bobolink, grown on sustainable smallholder farms in Brazil, is a fantastic coffee with a rich, smooth aftertaste. The Maraba is the world’s first Rwandan specialty coffee and is fruity, full bodied and perfectly balanced. Finally, the star in the Union range is the Yayu Forest coffee which is sourced from one of the world’s last remaining wild Arabica coffee forest.

What We Say: All you need to know is this: Union Coffee is really ruddy wonderful. And this selection box contains some absurdly delicious blends. We punch through packs of Maraba blend in the office; a citrus tang with notes of marzipan and bourbon biscuits. Divine.

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3. For Drip Coffee: Origin Coffee

The Gift: Kalita Wave Dripping Bundle (£52)

What They Say: This bundle showcases the current one-cup method of choice, the Kalita Wave Dripper. Included in the set: a Kalita Wave Stainlesss Steel Dripper (185), Kalita Glass Server (500ml), Brown filter papers (50), and
250g bag of Origin filter coffee (select from whole beans or ground).

What We Say: Have a drip coffee lover in your life? Look no further than Origin Coffee. If you’re willing to throw down some cash, this present ticks all the boxes.

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4. For a Coffee Selection: Borough Box 


The Gift: Coffee Lovers Gift Box (£29.99)

What They Say: The gift set contains two incredible speciality coffees plus some of coffee treats, such as: Home Brew Coffee by HER, Spreadable Espresso Flat Brew Coffee Spread, Pure Coffee Espresso Bar from Artisan du Chocolat, Coffee Chocolate Bar from Seed and Bean, and Biscotti from the Great British Biscotti Company.

What We Say: We like this coffee-based hamper as there’s way more going on than just a packet of beans – and we all know variety is the spice of life. The Flat Brew Coffee Spread is deliciously different, and tastes even better when it’s smothered on crumpets with loads of butter. And if you’ve never come across  Haggerston Espresso Room (aka HER), they use locally roasted beans to make one of east London’s best coffees.

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Coffee Gift Guide: Homeware

5. For a Print: Old English Company 

The Gift: Bring Me Coffee Personalised Print (£14)

What They Say: A simple and fun typography print for the home which has been illustrated with the hand drawn message “bring me coffee and I will love you forever” on top of a monochrome marble background. You can personalise this print with the names of the recipients, personalised message or special date at the bottom of the print.

What We Say: £14? Now that’s what we call a steal. There’s a lot of tacky coffee posters out there, but we like this simple number. The hand drawn font and a personalised message (for no extra cost, FYI) is sassy AF.

Where: Order online

6. For a Cafetiere: Silver Mushroom

What: Le’Xpress Copper Finish Cafetiere Gift Set (£21.97)

What They Say: The chrome plated cafetiere has a stunning, stylish copper finish while the borosilicate glass jug is heat resistant. This copper finish 4 Cup Cafetiere holds 600ml, has a stylish black handle for easy pouring, and the 2 coffee cups in this set complete the ultimate coffee experience, each holding 200ml.

What We Say: Anything that features glass and copper gets our vote. The gift set looks way more than the £22 price point (we were surprised too). Ideal stocking filler present.

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7. For a Novelty Gift: Firebox 

What: Espresso & Latte Mug (£12.99)

What They Say: The Espresso and Latte Mug is a new 2-in-1 coffee drinking solution; an espresso cup and saucer on the top, and a regular coffee mug on the bottom – or vica versa depending on your mood. Delicately crafted from white porcelain, this inspired drinking vessel is going to revolutionise your morning routine.

What We Say: There’s nothing more unsatisfying than knocking back your espresso from the bottom of a normal-sized mug (except maybe trying to fit a full latte into a tiny espresso cup). Behold the new two drinks, one cup solution. Our tiny minds have been blown.

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8. For a Coffee Pot: Trouva 

What: Day White Enamel Coffee Pot (£22.99)

What They Say: This coffee pot comes enamelled in bright white with beautifully illustrated woodland creatures in a muted colour palette of burnt oranges, mustard yellows and blues to represent a bright snowy scene.

What We Say: Just look at it – it’s a thing of beauty. Cute design. Check. Coffee pot big enough to fill two cups. Check. Better than your standard coffee pot. Check. We know we’d be happy with this coffee pot if we unwrapped it on Christmas Day.

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Coffee Gift Guide: Machines

9. For an Espresso Machine: illy 

The Gift: illy Francis Francis Y3.2 (£110)

What They Say: Another brand new illy machine, the Francis Francis Y3.2 is the next generation capsule machine. With an even smaller footprint than its cousin, the Y3, and a completely renewed design by architect Piero Lissoni. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, it’s possible to prepare both espresso coffee and Americano coffees at the correct temperature and volume.

What We Say: Coffee machines are often bulky, taking up way too much precious kitchen space – but this little beauty is compact and still whips up a mean coffee. Perfect for all the expresso fans; it’s super sleek, nifty, and well worth the money.

Where: Order online 

10. For a Grinder: DēLONGHI 

The Gift: Grinder KG.521M (£150)

What They Say: The conical burr grinder is able to offer a large quantity of different grind sizes for different coffee beverages from espresso ground, drip ground over to french press ground. Grind the coffee powder directly into the filterholder for direct use – or put the powder container under the grind outlet.

What We Say: We’ve been known to blend beans in our Nutribullet, and while it kind of works – this is a much better (and safer) alternative. We especially like the LCD display which shows grind settings, number of cups and aroma preferences for ease of use.

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