Whilst I write this I’m brewing. I’m trying to squeeze it in after work on a Monday night for the first time and right now it feels a little touch and go. An over zealous colleague kept me at the desk for crucial minutes and of course a train pulled out just as I pulled in. I haven’t been brewing for long enough to have any set routine, however, one constant has been having a beer whilst in the act, a little meta now I think about it.

But it’s also a slightly odd decision given how complex brewing is. There are a hundred things that can go wrong, millions of combinations of ingredients and it involves using some pretty gnarly cleaning chemicals – not ideal when you’re a little unsteady on your feet. Perhaps this explains why I’m yet to make any particularly good beers…

The Taming of The Brew: Staple Beer

Staple Beer: Midway Session IPA, Goose Island Brewery, Chicago USA, 4.1%

Where to Find it: I discovered this in the back of my fridge but on further inspection can be brought from ASDA.

What is it: A session IPA so full of hop flavour but slightly less punchy on the ABV’s.

My Thoughts: “Given the mad dash to get back I had forgotten to pick any beers up. Luckily for me a 4 pack awaited me in the fridge. Proof that brands owned by ‘Big Beer’ don’t go completely tits up; this has nicely rounded citrus and tropical fruit sitting on a bitter sweet malty base. This isn’t smack around the chops kind of stuff but it’s balanced, refreshing and low enough on the boozy scale to prevent me from flooding the kitchen…”