Five years of Five Points. It rolls off the tongue very nicely, almost as nicely as their beers slip down. For 5 years they have been making top quality keg, can and unusually – cask. Their beers stay true to the English brewing tradition (Dad will be pleased), but aren’t afraid to push a boundary or two so you can expect something for everyone and everyone’s happy.

To celebrate 5 years of business from the heart of Hackney, Five Points have been busy brewing a host of new beers on their shiny new crowdfunded kit. The culmination of this are 5 collaborations (I’m sensing a theme here…) with some of the country’s most exciting producers including Northern Monk, Yellowbelly and the Wild Beer Co across styles like Best Bitter, Hybrid DIPA and Maibock.

Whilst you should most definitely make your way down to the Pembury Tavern (their newly acquired Tap Room drenched in history and charm) to try out one of these limit run bad boys, you should also take note of their year-round staples. These are your bankers – solid, dependable, available and as if they needed yet more trumpets to blow they have just added to this range. Step forward JUPA, their juicy pale, launched mere weeks ago and the beer you should be drinking this weekend.

The Taming of the Brew: Staple Beer

Staple Beer: JUPA, Five Points Brewing, Hackney, 5.5% ABV

Where to Drink it: The Euston Tap, Euston

What is it: A juicy Pale Ale with masses of tropical fruits (think mango, passion fruit and papaya) on the nose and a smooth not-so-bitter finish. Oats and wheat in the malt bill give it a generous mouth feel and combined with the smack of fruit salad makes for a fantastically easy drinking drop.

My Thoughts: “Crushable AF. My new go to for sheer refreshment.”

Photo Credit: Five Points Brewing