We were hesitant in writing this last week as, despite the forecasts, we really didn’t trust the weather. But it was glorious, right?

We do then owe you an apology. Over the Bank Holiday Camden Town Brewery launched their Inner City Green lager with an all weekend party at their railway arch tap room. The sun was out, the drinks were flowing and everyone got quite sunburnt. It was a hoot. Sorry you missed it.

However, the good news is you can now get your paws on the stuff as well. And you really ought to. Crisp, fruity and more refreshing than a jump into the Serpentine – stock up now and hope the weather holds…

The Taming of the Brew: Staple Beer

Staple Beer: Inner City Green Lager, Camden Town Brewery, 3.9% ABV

Where to Drink it: At their amazing tap room, 55-59 Wilkin St Mews, Camden. Or online at Tesco.

What is it: Something like a lager, if it has been lagered – the process of long, low temperature fermentation. Aside from that this shares nothing in common with your standard pub fare. The backbone is light, crisp and dry and provides the perfect backdrop for a light smattering of hops. Not a smack you round the chops type smattering, more of a perfumed spritz with notes of melon, gooseberry and lemon (I know – what arses we’ve become).

We Say:

Charlie: “It’s in a small can (personal love); it’s light and fruity, it slips down a treat. Can’t ask for much more. I’m getting 100 right now”

Callum: “Spring has arrived. Even the can is green. Bloody lovely.”