For this week’s Tasty Tuesdays, we’ve put together a roundup of the 6 best soft drinks in a can. Environmentally-friendly and portable, cans provide a convenient way to stay refreshed on the go. From an earthy kombucha to an elegant fruit-infused sparkling water here are our favourites:

1. For a Zero-Plastic Solution: Life Water

What: It’s about time we got rid of plastic water bottles for good and Life Water’s can of locally sourced spring water is here to make that happen. 

Why: Proud to be the UK’s leading zero-plastic solution for hydration on the go, Life Water’s cans of still and sparkling water are 100% recyclable, made from 70% recycled aluminium and BPA free. The brand recently won an award for Best Water/Cold Drink 2019 with the Best of Health Awards 2019 and its innovative approach to sustainability led it to become the official water of Glastonbury Festival in 2019. If that wasn’t enough, each can of Life Water bought funds clean water projects across the globe with the brand’s partner charity Drop4Drop. Each can of Life Water is a multi-tasker: it hydrates you as well as people in need and helps save our planet too. What’s not to love? 

Price: 24 x 330ml of still and sparkling water is £17.99. 

Stockists: Life Water online.

2. For a Nostalgic Milkshake: Jude’s

What: Jude’s – best known for its mouthwatering selection of ice creams – has launched a new range of premium milkshakes served in recyclable cans and we can’t get enough. 

Why: Designed to give grown-ups a nostalgic milkshake experience, Jude’s new milkshake range comprises of three deliciously smooth flavours. Choose from rich Chocolate for an indulgent treat, Flat White Coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans for a flavoursome caffeine hit and Salted Caramel, for a nod to Jude’s iconic ice cream flavour reinvented in a delicious drink. Jude’s prides itself on its dedication to crafting the most premium quality treats and these milkshakes are a guaranteed hit. 

Price: £1.50 

Stockists: Sainsbury’s

3. For a Fruity Wholesome Flavour: Belvoir

What: Belvoir’s famous fruit pressés now come in handy portable cans so you can sip on the go. 

Why: Light, fruity and sparkling, Belvoir’s pressés are a perfect celebratory drink and now you can take a little bit of that fizz with you wherever you go. The cans come in three flavours. Try the Elderflower Pressé, made with elderflowers handpicked on the family farm in the UK’s only elderflower plantations, make it sweet with Raspberry Lemonade made with real fruit juices or warm yourself up with Ginger Beer, made with a fiery kick of real root ginger. Staying true to the brand, each Belvoir can is packed with natural ingredients and contains no artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives. 

Price: About £14.50 for a pack of 12 on Amazon. 

Stockists: Amazon. 

4. For Mediterranean Elegance: S.Pellegrino Essenza

What: The iconic sparkling water brand, S.Pellegrino, has unveiled Essenza, a new range of exquisite sparkling flavoured water for a light, thirst-quenching drink in a can. 

Why: S.Pellegrino’s Essenza collection invites the bubbling flavours of the Mediterranean into our homes together with an added touch of elegance, sophistication and style. Available in tall and beautifully designed cans, Essenza adds a bit of sparkle to those grab-and-go occasions. The three flavours pair perfectly with a snack or something more substantial. Try the intense citrusy aroma of Lemon &Lemon Zest with delicate dishes such as fish and salads, opt for the red fruit flavour of Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate with red meats and rich sauces or enjoy the sweet notes of Tangerine & Strawberry with tomato pasta and cooked vegetables.  

Price: £1.59

Stockists: Tesco Express and Co-op nationwide.

5. For a US Favourite: Ugly Peach

What: By popular demand, soft drink brand Ugly have brought its peach-infused sparkling water to the UK and it’s set to become the nation’s favourite. 

Why: Ugly Peach is a fan favourite in the US and now Ugly has brought it across the pond for us to enjoy. A healthy alternative to a lot of soft drinks on the market, Ugly Peach is full of flavour and contains no nasties including no added sugar or sweeteners and absolutely nothing artificial. It’s simply a 100% authentic can of real peach juice and sparkling water that provides an ice-cold can moment without the guilt. Enjoy!

Price: 99p

Stockists: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Superdrug, Ocado, WHSmith or online at Ugly Drinks and Amazon.

6. For a Healthy Alternative: Equinox Organic Kombucha

What: Look after your gut this winter with Equinox Organic Kombucha’s exciting range of kombucha flavours that suit any taste. 

Why: Kombucha is well-known for its digestive health benefits and Equinox Organic Kombucha is no exception. The perfect alternative to soft drinks and booze, each of its kombucha flavours is low in sugar, organic, unpasteurised, raw and vegan with no extra nasties. Equinox has a range of 6 kombucha flavours to choose from including new blends Peach & Turmeric and Espresso Coffee. Other flavours include Original, Wild Berry, Pink Grapefruit & Guava, Ginger and Raspberry & Elderflower. Each can packs plenty of flavour and teases the palate with energising fruity notes. 

Price: Cans are priced at £1.60

Stockists: Equinox Organic Kombucha online and certain flavours stocked at Waitrose, Whole Foods and Planet Organic.