FLUÈRE, pronounced ‘FLEW-AIR’, is made with the same steam distillation techniques used to produce alcoholic spirits like gin, mezcal and rum. The range is made with the finest ingredients and botanicals for a complex yet balanced taste, delivering a luxurious drink for everyone who wants to live a more balanced lifestyle. If you’re taking part in Sober October, or just fancy cutting down on your alcohol intake, FLUÈRE deserves a place in your drinks cabinet.

FLUÈRE is the perfect base for non-alcoholic long drinks due to its unique and subtle taste of floral blends and botanicals. It is also a versatile mixer for various non-alcoholic cocktails, mocktails and low-alcohol drinks. Unique to FLUÈRE is a pleasant after-bite that is typically associated with alcoholic drinks.

FLUÈRE Original

The Run-Down: FLUÈRE Original contains carefully selected botanicals that result in a complex yet balanced taste. Both juniper and lime peel give a bright and fresh character to the nose whilst the lavender and coriander add herbal notes.

The Cocktail: Try it in a FLUÈRE ICE FLOW – add 50ml FLUÈRE Original, 100ml Light Tonic and 5ml Apple Cider Vinegar to a coupe glass and stir with a large block of ice.

FLUÈRE Raspberry

The Run-Down: FLUÈRE Raspberry is carefully distilled with fresh raspberries which give a fresh, smooth and slightly sweet nose and ripe fruit on the palate.

The Cocktail: FLUÈRE PINK STORM – add 50ml FLUÈRE Raspberry to a highball glass filled with ice and top up with ginger beer. Squeeze two lime wedges and stir gently.

FLUÈRE Smoked Agave

The Run-Down: FLUÈRE Smoked Agave has smoke and honey on the nose with fresh notes of pear. On the palate there is the characteristic vegetal sweetness of agave with some bitter overtones and a hint of black pepper. The flavours develop into eucalyptus and mint, for a long, clean finish.

The Cocktail: FLUÈRE MARGARITA- add 60ml FLUÈRE Smoked Agave, 25ml Lime Juice and 20ml Agave Syrup to a cocktail shaker. Shake ingredients over ice. Double strain into a salt-rimmed coupe. Garnish with a lime wheel.

FLUÈRE Spiced Cane

The Run-Down: FLUÈRE Spiced Cane is complex and full of character with surprising hints of dark roasted coffee, cocoa, liquorice, tonka beans and toffee. It is crafted from pure sugar cane molasses.
The Cocktail: Try it in THE CUBAN – fill a highball glass with ice. Add 45ml Fluère Spiced Cane and 120ml Coca Cola. Finish the drink with a lime wedge on the rim.
FLUÈRE £20 for 70cl or £10 for 275ml (ABV 0%).  Available from OcadoThe Drinks ShopMaster of Malt and Amazon