Once again I’ve been intrepidly scouring the capital for the foodie trends you have got to try. Read on for your latest gastronomic to-do list but blink and you’ll miss it – like the British summertime, food fads can’t hang around forever. Off you pop…

#1 BYO

BYOBurger_CheesyLandscape Hi Res

No, not *that* kind of BYO (although that’s good too), this time it stands for Build Your Own. From the obscenely seductive Magnum Pleasure Store whereby one dips a personalised Magnum into all manner of delicious things – think marshmallows, rose petals, chilli flakes – to the equally eye popping burger constructions going on at All Star Lanes. After choosing a burger base, visitors can load up with American classics like PB&J, Mac’n’Cheese and Pulled Pork. Top of our list to visit is the DIY Bloody Mary Station at Radio Rooftop; everyone’s favourite brunching beverage gets a tailored approach with mix-your-own additions of biltong, pickled eggs and thirty other weird and wonderful garnishes guaranteed to see off that lingering hangover with a bang.

#2 Posh Picnics

Grosvenor Summer in the Square (med res)

We Brits go crazy for a bit of Al Fresco eating, and with our summers being what they are (few and far between) it’s no wonder we want to do it properly. We’re big fans of the Pop-up Picnic Bar at Summer in the Square from the Marriott in Grosvenor Square. Visit their cute camper van for your pre-booked hamper of champagne, smoked salmon sandwiches and mini scones then sit back and relax on the deckchairs and picnic blankets provided. If you’re over near Green Park way instead, then you could do much worse than order the veggie picnic from Dukes Hotel – the crispy eggs and charred asparagus are on point. There’s even a kiddie picnic for a bargainous £9.50.

#3 Chocolate and Wine Pairings


For years, experts have sworn that chocolate and wine cannot be paired happily. We’ll agree to disagree on that one as many a happy night has been spent with a box of Maltesers and a cold white wine, but thrillingly now, wine bods have seen the light. Vinopolis (the excellent wine people in Borough Market) are hosting a series of Chocolate & Wine Masterclasses matching lovely Lindt chocs like Sea Salt, Cherry and even Sesame with perfect wines. It’s £40 pp and they’re closing at the end of the year, so run along quick. If not, check out Vivat Bacchus who are holding a Rococo & South African Reds night at the end of August.