Negroni Week is fast approaching (24th-30th June) and London has a whole host of experiences in store to celebrate this iconic cocktail. This year the Negroni has reached its 100th anniversary so get ready to honour it in style. From Negroni masterclasses to ice cream and cocktails with a twist, here are ten of the best ways to enjoy Negroni Week in London:

1. Join a Negroni Masterclasses: Theo Randall

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The Lowdown: For Negroni connoisseurs and those wishing to delve into the mystery of this iconic drink, Theo Randall is launching a Negroni Masterclass on Wednesday 26th June. You will learn the art of creating three different Negronis – the Classico, Sbagliato and a personalised Negronificio – and have the opportunity to mix your own bespoke cocktail. You will also be able to learn about the history of the Negroni, while enjoying a selection of Italian classics including Zucchini Fritti, Bruschetta Mozzarella, Foccacia and a special taste from Theo (either Risotto or Ravioli).

Price: £155 per person

Where: The InterContinental Hotel, 1 Hamilton Place, London W1J 7QY

2. Try a Quirky Negroni: The Kitty Hawk

The Lowdown: Kitty Hawk is launching its new Negroni menu in celebration of the cocktail’s 100-year anniversary. Head Bartender Osvaldo Romito has created a ‘Black Negroni’ replacing gin with Guinness and mixed with Campari and Martini Rosso. The drink will be served with dehydrated orange peel and beef jerky from Kitty Hawk’s kitchen. Negroni lovers can also try the ‘Clear Negroni’, a creation born out of Osvaldo’s experimentation with the clarification process which contains a separated warm milk wash.

Price: Classic £10, Black £11, Clear £12

Where: 13-14 South Place, London EC2M 7EB

3. Enjoy a Negroni Fountain: Flat Iron, London Bridge

The Lowdown: Flat Iron in London Bridge is spicing up the cocktail experience with their very own Negroni fountain. Pour yourself a blood orange Negroni, a traditional mix with fresh Tarocco blood orange juice and cold extracted blood orange oil for something a little different.

Price: £9.50

Where: 112-116 Tooley Street, London Bridge SE1 2TH

4. Indulge in Negroni + Pizza: Radio Alice

Photo Credit: Radio Alice Facebook

The Lowdown: Radio Alice is celebrating Negroni Week in London with not one but two Negroni cocktails to enjoy. Their Negroni Rosso Berto Bitter is an eclectic mix of gentian root, alpine daisy slowly infused in high-quality grain spirit and Gin A la Madame vermouth and orange. It’s a perfect balance of sweet, bitter and herbal. Their Negroni Bianco Del Professore blends Haymans Dry Gin, Del Professore Vermouth, cap corse, bergamotto with a garnish choice of olive or orange.  

Price: £7.40 each

Where: Radio Alice Pizzeria locations here

5. Sample a Taste of Tuscany: Lina Stores

The Lowdown: For Negroni Week in London, get your hands on the ultimate Italian Negroni at Lina Stores. This delicious concoction is made from Campari, Cocchi Red Vermouth and Sabatini Gin, a London dry gin from Tuscany. This drink is guaranteed to hit the mark because many of the world’s best gins source their juniper berries from Tuscany!

Price: £8

Where: Lina Stores Restaurant, 51 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 4EH

6. Try the Trinity Negroni: Rotunda Bar

The Lowdown: In honour of its 100th anniversary, Rotunda Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel has launched its own Trinity Negroni. This delightful tipple has a delicate mix of Beefeater 24, Cocchi vermouth, Campari foam and orange blossom. They add a VII Hills London Dry Gin to the mix which is made up of seven botanicals – juniper, celery, rose hip, artichoke, blood orange, chamomile and pomegranate – so get ready for a cocktail that’s bursting with flavour!

Where: 10 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4AJ

7. Experience a Smoky Negroni: LINO Bar

The Lowdown: If you’re looking for something unique, then LINO’s Barrel Aged Negroni will tick all the boxes. Made with gin, vermouth and Campari, these flavours are enhanced by smoky notes from the barrel-ageing process. The result is a smooth and slightly lighter in colour drink which is perfect for pouring over ice.

Price: £10

Where: 90 Bartholomew Close, London EC1A 7EB

8. Opt for a Virgin Negroni: Hans’ Bar and Grill

Negroni Week in London

The Lowdown: If you want to celebrate Negroni Week in London without the booze, this Chelsea bar is offering an alcohol-free aromatic version of the drink so everyone can get involved. Their dedicated Negroni menu has a whole host of classic twists to try from a Smoky Negroni to a signature Cadogan Negroni.

Where: 164 Pavilion Road, Chelsea, London SW1X 0AW

9. Celebrate with a Negroni Party: N100, Cheers to the Count

Negroni Week in London

The Lowdown: Mark Thursday 20th June in your calendars because Campari is launching ‘N100: Cheers to the Count’ in honour of this iconic drink and its creator. Kicking off the celebrations will be a party offering one hundred different variations on the classic Negroni. Yes, you’ve read it right! Guests can also enjoy an installation made entirely of Campari bottles and a chance to make their very own bespoke Negroni cocktail.

Price: £15 per person (includes a choice of two Negronis). Additional Negronis £6

Where: The Vinyl Factory, 18 Marshall Street, Soho, London W1F 7BE. Get your tickets here and walk-ins will also be welcome on the night.

10. Delight in a Negroni Treat: Happy Endings LDN

Negroni Week in London, Negroni ice cream

The Lowdown: Enjoy a classic negroni in an unconventional way by tucking into an ice cream sandwich instead. This decadent treat has a layer of blood orange negroni ice cream on top of a white chocolate layer squeezed between a crunchy Peruvian cocoa nib sprinkled with dark chocolate. Divine!

Where: Find Happy Ending stockists here