There were many things we gravitated towards during lockdown – pizza making kits, our beloved pasta machine and ready-made cocktails. The rise of ready-to serve concoctions are now big business, and Black Cow is getting in on the action with their all-new bottled Negroni.

Developed during lockdown, the Black Cow Negroni is an expression of what Black Cow founders Archie and Jason found themselves missing most: British summertime, Negroni in hand, good company and a view.

The Black Cow Negroni is a blend of Black Cow’s English Pure Milk Vodka, Italian Campari, Spanish vermouth, and a secret blend of natural bitters. It is these bitters that give the cocktail complexity; a citrusy zing that speaks of summer. Black Cow is an innovative vodka made in West Dorset from the milk of grass-grazed cows. This unique process gives the vodka an exceptionally smooth and creamy character, the perfect canvas on which to build a Negroni. The Black Cow Negroni is bright with a smooth, clean finish without overpowering tones of juniper.

While a large portion of us have basked in the spring glow (and indeed rain) in beer gardens across the UK, the Black Cow Negroni is the ideal picnic companion, and for nights in when the weather turns and you can’t be bothered to battle the elements with a drink in hand.

Available to buy from and select outlets including, £25