Christmas is just around the corner and if you haven’t planned your office Christmas party yet, it’s time to get a move on before everything is full up! If you’re stuck for what to do, here are some of our favourite ideas for corporate Christmas parties.

Solve a Festive Murder

At one point or another we’ve all joked about wanting to murder our boss, and while this is something no one would actually do, a murder mystery party is a cheeky way to finish off the year (ideally by making your boss the victim, if they are happy to play along). For a fun twist, most organisers will have festive scenarios to choose from, offering an exciting alternative to the traditional Christmas party that makes for some excellent team bonding along the way.

Putt Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Christmas is the perfect time to let loose and get away from the stifling environment of a corporate office so why not plan a Christmas party that is as far away from corporate that you can hope to get? Putting their own spin on mini golf (see what we did there?) Junkyard Golf Club offers a unique experience, serving up their own brand of crazy courses and bonkers bevs, all set in a junkyard wonderland. With multiple courses the choose from, the only thing your group will have trouble with is deciding which one to putt their way through – spoiler alert, they’re all excellent fun and come with plenty of bad buns to accompany each hole.

Create Your Own Winter Sun

Whisking away the entire office to a sunny destination is well beyond the limits of how far most Christmas party budgets will stretch, but there’s no reason why you can’t bring the sun to you! Turn up the thermostat and organise a winter sun themed Christmas party. You can go all out and find a location where you can set up your own beach (minus the water), and set a beachwear themed dress code. Does it sound completely ridiculous? Absolutely. But it will also make for a corporate Christmas do that no one is likely to forget. If you really want to commit to the theme, you can even set up some beach-themed activities and organise some barbecue-style catering for the ultimate winter sun vibes.

Plan a Classic Winter Wonderland

From winter sun to winter wonderland. This party idea is a classic for a reason and is one that will go down well even at the most corporate offices as they tend to appeal to everyone. To create your own festive world, don’t be afraid to go all out on the decorations, and order plenty of fake snow to create a realistic effect. Mulled wine will also be a must, to finish off the theme along with plenty of hot food options for everyone to enjoy. As for the dress code? You can choose to either go full winter-glam as is expected for office Christmas parties, or really commit to the winter theme, and encourage everyone to wear their best (or worst) festive jumper.

If All Else Fails, Book a Group Meal

There’s something to be said for booking a group meal as a corporate Christmas party option. Safe, reliable, and sure to please everyone involved, it’s not the most original but if you find yourself running low on options this could be the perfect last-minute choice.