It feels like we’ve come a long way since the gin resurgence a decade or so ago. Gone are the days of just being happy with a Gordons or Bombay Sapphire in the pub, now the choices of mother’s ruin are seemingly endless. The world is now blessed with a wealth of small distilleries doing truly incredible things. When it comes to Christmas, a bottle of booze is usually the best shout for many, so with that in mind we’ve rounded up the best unique bottles for the gin fan in your life this festive season, bottoms up.

1. Ad Gefrin Thirlings

The Lowdown: Anglo-Saxon gin from the heart of Northumberland.

Perfect For: The history buff in your family.

Price: £39

Made in a world-class Anglo-Saxon Museum and distillery, Ad Gefrin started its spirit journey with whiskey, and has now moved into the wonderful world of gin with Thirlings, named after a nearby settlement. With an expected nod to the past but packing a punch in the flavour department, this is a spirit with a story (and a dream for small talk with the person you’re gifting it to).

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2. Silent Pool

The Lowdown: Luxury English Gin that looks great on a drinks shelf.

Perfect for: Someone who likes the finer things in life.

Price: £42.50

One of the most popular luxury English gins (for good reason), Silent Pool is crafted in the Surrey Hills with 24 botanicals, giving it a gloriously floral kick with hints of lavender and chamomile. With one of the most beautiful bottles of its kind too, this makes for a perfect gift that will fast become their new favourite.

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3. Hensol Castle 

The Lowdown: Welsh gin with a historical edge.

Perfect for: The small batch lovers.

Price: £30

Hensol Castle is distilled in the cellars of a 17th-century castle of the same name. With notes of juniper, orange and lemon peel, it’s undoubtedly one of the best examples of Welsh gin on the market at the moment.

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4. Hayman’s

The Lowdown: One of England’s oldest distilleries.

Perfect for: The sloe gin afficionados

Price: £29

Hayman’s have been making gin since 1863, and their sloe is one of the best in its field. Chock full of berry goodness combined with their award-winning gin, it’s a dynamite combo that is fantastic on its own or served with sparkling wine.

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5. Kyro

The Lowdown: Finnish summer in a bottle.

Perfect for: The Scandi-wannabees in your life

Price: £42

Award-winning and for good reason, Kyro brings some Finnish freshness to the gin world. Named the world’s best gin a few years back, this herbal and sweet mix makes for a truly fantastic G&T that you’ll want to revisit time and time again.

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6. GinBEY

The Lowdown: Middle Eastern gin that packs a punch.

Perfect for: The flavour seekers.

Price: £29

Bringing together 14 botanicals from Lebanon, GinBEY is in a field of its own, and one of the only Middle Eastern-inspired gins on the market. With citrus and floral flavours and underlying spicy notes, this is a gin for those who like the spirit to do the talking over the tonic.

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7. No. 186’s Wonky Duck

The Lowdown: Family-run Gin distillery in the heart of Manchester

Perfect for: The Corrie fan who likes a tipple

Available at:

Price: £34.99

No.186 have been doing wonderful things in Manchester, earning them a warm reputation in the city and further afield. Their latest triumph is the ‘Wonky Duck’, an old tom gin in partnership with Coronation Street. With hints of Eccles Cakes and tangy citrus flavours underpinned by sweet honey and cinnamon, this isn’t a novelty gin – it’s a pure flavour bomb, making for the perfect Christmas gift.

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8. In The Welsh Wind 

The Lowdown: Aromatic sensations from Wales.

Perfect For: The countryside lovers.

Price: £36

A final Welsh gin on the list In The Welsh Wind make all manner of spirits (in Wales, obviously), but it is their signature gin that is the star of the show. Winning a truck load of awards for good reason, it has a botanical profile inspired by imported cargoes and flavours synonymous with wales – Orange, tea soaked currents, clove, ginger and cinnamon.

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9. Amarula

The Lowdown: African gin pioneers.

Perfect for: Gin to get people talking

Price: £25.99

Bringing the flavours of Africa into play, Amarula are doing really special things in the gin world. The majority of flavour in their gin comes from the wild Marula fruit, giving it a taste like nothing else on the market. Citrusy, juicy and truly unique, this is a gin that will get people talking.

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10. Boatyard Double Gin

The Lowdown: Irish gin with a story

Perfect for: The strong spirit lovers

Price: £34

Boatyard are based in County Fermanagh, North West Ireland and have been running since 2013. Acting as the town’s first legal distillery since 1890, the town has a storied history with a spirit, and Boatyard’s range is nothing short of remarkable. The Double Gin is the jewel in the crown, its namesake due to the fact Juniper is added at the beginning and end of the process, meaning it’s packed with flavour. Sitting at 46%, this is one for the stronger stomachs.

Available here

11. Rock Rose

The Lowdown: Scottish Gin that’s better for the environment.

Perfect for: The eco-conscious drinkers.

Price: £36 (refills £33)

Made in Scotland and winning countless awards over the last 9 years, Rock Rose is a stunning gin that brings together an interesting mix of botanicals to create a unique and refreshing flavour. Perhaps their most talked about asset though is the stunning bottle that will look incredible on any mantelpiece. They also operate with sustainability in mind, encouraging drinks to buy one of their refill packs and keep the bottle, clever stuff!

Available here 

12. Conker

The Lowdown: Dorset gin done right.

Perfect for: The curious craft drinkers.

Price: £36

Using traditional techniques but adding modern flair, Conker brings elderberries and gorse flowers into the mix to create a bright and refreshing gin that embodies the spirit of Dorset. The distillery also makes a fantastic coffee liqueur  if that’s more your thing.

Available here

12. The Botanist

The Lowdown: gin from the remote Scottish Island of Islay

Perfect For:  Testament to Islay’s rich distillation heritage

Price: £35

Distilled at the renowned Bruichladdich Distillery, this gin is a testament to Islay’s rich distillation heritage.Handcrafted with attention to detail, this gin boasts a symphony of 22 locally foraged botanicals. The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is an aromatic masterpiece that elevates the classic G&T to a whole new level of sophistication.

Available here 


13. Gin Me Subscription

The Lowdown: The UK’s premier gin subscription service.

Perfect for: A monthly surprise.

Price: From £7.95 per month

Gin Me have been making moves in the subscription market, and for good reason (who doesn’t love booze in the post!) Once a month they send a 100ml pouch (that’s 2 double measures) of an expertly chosen unique gin, along with tasting notes and cocktail recipes. This is literally the gift that keeps on giving, and the perfect choice for something truly memorable for those who always want to try new things.

Available here

14. Eden Mill’s Ramsay Gin

The Lowdown: Iconic scottish distillery partners with iconic Scottish chef.

Perfect for: Avoiding any Kitchen Nightmares.

Price: £23.80

Eden Mills are one of our favourite Scottish distilleries, so you can only imagine our excitement when they announced a collaboration with our favourite chef (you’re lying if you haven’t binge watched Kitchen Nightmares USA when hungover). ‘Ramsay’ gin was unsurprisingly made in partnership with Gordon Ramsay, who hand picked this selection of truly scottish ingredients, resulting in a light, citrusy gin with aromatic undertones and seaweed flavour notes. Don’t be an idiot sandwich, get this one before it goes.

Available here

15. Isle of Harris Gin

The Lowdown: Craft gin from the Outer Hebrides.

Perfect for: Adventurous drinkers.

Price: £44

While the Isle of Harris may be more known for its whisky, this unbelievable gin is made in the same distillery out in the outer hebrides. Based around sugar kelp seaweed which is local to the island, delicate flavours combine with juniper, coriander seed, bitters, cassia bark and other botanicals resulting in a flavoursome yet light gin.

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16. Whitley Neil Rhubarb and Ginger Gin

The Lowdown: The UK’s #1 selling premium gin for good reason.

Perfect for: A solid-flavoured gin.

Price: £28

Everyone knows about Whitley Neil, but few are doing it better when it comes to the flavoured gin game. Whether it’s their classic raspberry (perfect with lemonade), fruity blood orange or the inventive black cherry, they hit the spot when it comes to gin with inventive flavour. Our favourite of the bunch is the Rhubarb and Ginger, hitting those tart and warming notes, perfect for when you want to switch up from the normal stuff.

Available here

17. 6 o’clock Spiced Orange and Cranberry

The Lowdown: Handcrafted small batch Bristol gin.

Perfect For: The ultimate festive gin.

Price: £38

Making waves in Bristol, 6’o clock have truly perfected the small batch gin world, and their festive offering is nothing short of a triumph. With spiced orange and cranberry the stars of the show, this is christmas in a glass – a warming, fruity mix that may as well have been made by Santa Claus himself.

Available here

18. Gyre & Gimble Coastal Gin

The Lowdown: Sustainable heroics meets gin innovation.

Perfect for: The sustainable gin lover.

Price: £35

Gyre & Gimble are a Norwich-based distillery doing wonderful things in the gin world, most notably their zero-waste cocktail bar that makes cocktails from discarded fruit, spent coffee grounds and more, acting as a nod to the future of cocktail bars. Anyway, back to the gin – their coastal variety is bloody lovely, packing a peppery punch alongside some salty samphire.

Available here

19. Hooting Owl North Yorkshire Gin

The Lowdown: Yorkshire’s premier artisan distiller.

Perfect for: The proud Yorkshireman/woman in your life.

Price: £42.50

Hooting Owl make fantastic gins inspired by their surroundings, and when you’re in York with the moors on your doorstep, there’s a lot of inspiration to be had! Picking one variation here to feature was hard, but we’ve gone for The North Yorkshire Gin. With earthy elements based on the moors and surrounding areas Whitby and Thirsk, it’s smooth and flavoursome and will have you chanting “YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE” after two sips.

Available here

20. Ramsbury

The Lowdown: Single estate gin made in Wiltshire.

Perfect for: The classic G&T drinker.

Price: £31

Another UK gin here, and this one is made on the Ramsbury Estate in Wiltshire. Expect the holy trinity of gin making: local ingredients mixed with innovative thinking and traditional craftmanship. There’s no messing with how it should be served: over ice with a wedge of lemon and some premium tonic.

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