Look, we’ll be honest…National Pineapple Day slipped through our calendar, but hey, we’re here to tell you the tropical day lands on Saturday 27th June, and The Duppy Share is pulling out all the boozy stops for the annual event.

The Duppy Share x National Pineapple Day: The Lowdown

The Duppy Share will be bringing the best of the Caribbean to London to celebrate National Pineapple Day. A 1,000 pineapples will be dropped to homes across the capital, with lucky recipients (that could be you) entitled to a free bottle of The Duppy Share Spiced, a new spiced rum hero-ing flavours of pineapple, kola nut and Caribbean botanicals and spices including ginger, caramel and clove.

The Duppy Share x National Pineapple Day: In it to Win it

The mischievous Duppies will be hard at work spreading the rum love and amongst the 1,000 pineapples will be 50 golden pineapples. Anyone who is lucky enough to get their hands on a golden pineapple will receive a Home Piña Colada kit containing all you need to fuel the most epic drinking occasions at home with Spiced Pineapple Coladas.

And if you miss out on one of the limited-edition pineapples, fear not; The Duppy Share’s Home Piña Colada kit will be available to purchase via The Duppy Share website. 

The Duppy Share x National Pineapple Day: Cocktail Recipe

Following on from the award-winning The Duppy Share Aged, The Duppy Share Spiced celebrates pineapple, kola nut and ten Caribbean spices and packs a botanical punch. Made using an expert blend of aged Caribbean rum from award-winning distilleries, this spiced rum is the ultimate party spirit and the perfect partner for a Spiced Piña Colada.


50ml The Duppy Share Spiced

50ml Coco Lopez or Coconut Milk

100ml Frobisher’s Pineapple Juice

Crushed ice

Squeeze of lime

Pineapple to garnish


Shake all ingredients together and serve over crushed ice, or blend all ingredients with ice.  Garnish with a pineapple wedge.