Name: Benjamin White

Position: Company Trainer at Graffiti Spirits Group

Give us some background about your position and the bar you’re currently working at: 

I currently split my time between El Bandito London down here in the big smoke, and running around our venues up north in Liverpool.

Down here you can find me beneath the Drunken Monkey in our El Bandito pop-up, spreading my agave love and knowledge to the masses. Up north I’m busy training new staff across the company, testing current staff to ensure they’re up to scratch, and running day-to-day operations across our sites.

What’s your first memory of cocktails?

Getting sloshed at Santa Chupitos back up in Liverpool when I started training as a bartender way back when.

Why did you get into cocktail making? 

Starting from the bottom cleaning dishes in a local restaurant from the age of 15, I made it my goal to get myself out of that hot and hectic kitchen, and get myself involved with the restaurant’s bar. I used to ditch school to help barback during busy daytime events, and I worked my way up from there.

What’s the most unusual cocktail you’ve ever tried?

I tried a great flip last week in The Nightjar – it had some whey protein powder in it. Caught my eye and made me feel less guilty about all the alcohol. I don’t suppose it had much nutritional benefit alongside it all, however. Great drink all the same.

Fondest cocktail memory: 

Sipping a Bounty Rum Old Fashioned whilst working in Fiji last year. Smoking our daily catch for dinner in a Lovo. Lots of smoke, sand, hot sun and sea. Great fish, better rum.

Favourite cocktail spot in London is: 

It has to be Disrepute.

London’s best Bloody Mary can be found at: 

The Wolseley, along with the daily paper.

London’s best Negroni can be found at: 

On the Virgin Train back to Liverpool!

London’s best Margarita can be found at: 

El Bandito LDN. Easy! (Get down to argue.)

Favourite cocktail in London: 

A simple boiler-maker down at The Sun Tavern.

Go-to cocktail if you’re making: 

Mezcal Old Fashioned.

Where should everyone in London visit for cocktails: 

The El Bandito pop-up beneath the Drunken Moneky, Shoreditch High Street. Come see myself and the Liverpool boys. Mention About Time Magazine and the shots are on me!