Alcohol-free beer brand LOAH is set to launch London’s first completely non-alcoholic taproom from 7th June near Hackney Downs.

Currently stocked in Whole Foods and several independents, the taproom will be the first place where you can sample LOAH’s three core beers on draught. Special collaboration LOAH beers, made in conjunction with some of the UK’s best brewers, will also be available on rotation.

Not only will the LOAH taproom be an exciting and stylish space to drink alcohol-free beer, but it will also support emerging artists and illustrators. The taproom’s in-store record shop, run by BCM Radio, will feature an extensive music collection, where visitors can play records on turntables or buy them to take home. There will also be a rotating gallery and exhibition space, curated movie nights, discos, art classes, supper clubs and a DELLI meet the maker series of talks and presentations.

LOAH takes non-alcoholic beer favours in a new direction. Rather than stripping away alcohol or making a beer-favoured soft drink, LOAH is brewed in exactly the same way as an alcoholic beer, but the process aims specifically for 0.5%. This ensures that as much favour as possible ends up in the beer and that the typical yeast and hoppy notes aren’t lost.

Fruit favour is essential to all LOAH beers. The brand’s core range includes 0.5% Lager Peach, created to entice soft drinks drinkers to the world of grown-up non-alcoholic drinks, 0.5% IPA Blood Orange, for the craft beer connoisseurs, and 0.5% Lager Lime, a real crowd-pleaser that brews for everybody. As well as being great tasting and alcohol-free, all LOAH beers are low sugar, vegan and gluten-free.

LOAH taproom: Arch D, Hackney Downs Studios, 17 Amhurst Terrace, E8 2BT