While many associate Ibiza with its unrivaled club scene, there is so much more the island has to offer. Not only does it boast beautiful beaches – like Playa de’n Bossa, which is gently lapped by crystalline Mediterranean waters – but the exclusive destination also offers a cultured arts scene with a chic bohemian vibe. Something you may also not immediately associate with Ibiza is wine, but in fact, the island is expanding its vineyards and also harvests barley to create its own beer. Utilising the insightful advice offered by George Burdon – an expert on Ibizan culture and owner of Dynamic Lives, the leading villa rental company in Ibiza – we’ve compiled a list of the best Ibizan wines and beers, which is essential reading for those visiting the famous island in the summer of 2016.

Isleña Beer

Pale in colour, this ale is made from barley harvested in Ibiza, which is then malted in Central Europe (the island has yet to install its own brewery). With a slightly less bitter taste than Pilsners beer, for example, Isleña has an aromatic flavour without the heaviness.

Ibosim Summer Ale


As the name suggests, this summer ale is just the thing to enjoy in the Ibizan sunshine. It is brewed using two different malts, three different hops and a small amount of oats to give it a punchy flavour. The medium alcohol percentage, however, means it remains refreshing and allows you to cool off after a day at the beach. The company’s founders are three friends who share a common passion for home brewed beers, sourcing Ibiza crops as ingredients for their smooth, citrusy creation.

Ibizkus Wines

Founded in 2006 under the name Totem Wines, Ibizkus primarily use the Monastrell grape, known for its light, fruity and modern flavours. With a selection of red, rosé and white wines, there is something to cater for everyone’s tastes, and to complement different foods. Unlike the island’s beer, Ibizkus Wines has its own barrels between the villages of San Rafael and Santa Gertrudis.

Sa Cova Wines

Sa Cova’s vineyard expands over 50 hectares in the Sant Mateu area of the island, which is characterized by stunning scenery and rural Ibiza fincas. The wine is made from a mixture of grape varieties, including the Monastrell grape that is found in Ibizkus Wines, as well as Syrah, Malvasia and Muscat. Allowing their wines to mature for 12 months in oak barrels, the Sa Cova selection is full of flavour and depth.

Can Maymó Wines

Owning three vineyards in Santa Agnès, Sant Mateu and Santa Gertrudis, Can Maymó ferments its wine in stainless-steel tanks, as opposed to oak barrels. This helps to control the temperature of the wine, which tends to have the perfumed flavours of thyme.