It’s a fact: summertime is the best time for a beer. Yes, we love a Halloween pumpkin IPA, or a nice bit of cask ale in a warm winter pub, but nothing hits the spot quite like a cold beer in the sun. Many people tend to go for a generic lager when the sun is out, but at About Time we like to push the boat and, and simply adore a Tropical IPA to make us feel like we’re on holiday (even if we’re just sitting in our back garden).

As if by magic and just as it starts to heat up, it’s music to our ears that beer legends Goose Island have returned with a brand new beer that in their words is ‘perfect for summer sipping’. Juicy Future is a new addition to the brewery’s arsenal, sitting as their first release of 2022 after a very busy 2021 (anyone remember the creme egg stout!?).

Described as a ‘Tropical and Orangey Hazy IPA’, Juicy Future is made using a ‘tango hop’, that apparently requires less nitrogen, irrigation and pesticides to thrive, making it better for the planet! When we take our first sip we understand why they call it tango, with an overwhelming orangey taste hitting from the offset. Tropical aromas then come into play, amongst just the right amount of bitterness and a long-lasting taste coating the tongue. Bringing juiciness in spades but not in an overwhelming way, the 5% abv is surprisingly well hidden, almost tasting like a session IPA which you could enjoy in a sunny garden all day long.

After a strong run of limited edition beers, Juicy Future is a great addition to the Goose Island catalogue, and could easily become the beer of the summer. Take our advice, and get it while you can.

Juicy Future is available now in Co-Op, and here