Cocktails are great, but sometimes we can’t be doing with all the faff. If there’s anything three lockdowns has thought us, it’s that sometimes (the majority of the time, to be honest), we’re better putting the cocktail shaker away and reaching for the pre-made variety.

Years ago, pre-made cocktails were only available in trusty cans. But things have changed… for the better. There’s been a surge in bottled cocktails, letterbox concoctions, and pre-made libations that don’t make you feel as though you’ve consumed a large bag of sugar.

New kids on the block, Boxtails, has redefined the cocktail delivery experience. The range of 12 pre-mixed cocktails contain 100% natural flavours, vegan friendly, and are the ultimate companion for BBQs and park drinking this summer.

Instead of obscure flavours that can be a hit and miss, Boxtails’ collection consists of crowd-pleasers, with a couple of twists thrown in for good measure. If you’re missing sipping something poolside, there’s a minty Mojito to take you back to holiday memories, and for gin lovers tired of a plain old gin and tonic, there’s a Gimlet – a refreshing vintage classic.

Not only does Boxtails make serving cocktails easy, but choosing your selection has been made simple thanks to its carefully curated SixMix boxes. Each SixMix contains either six pouches (two of each flavour, £28.99) or 12 pouches (four of each, £54.99), so you can try the cocktails to find your favourite and recreate your very own menu. Simply tear, pour, and enjoy.

Boxtails prices start from £19.99. For more information, visit here