We’re at that point in the year, where we don’t know if we should be donning our Birkenstocks or packing an umbrella. The British weather is about as unpredictable as our boiler – but we have something that will keep the summer vibes going long after the temperature plummets. The gin guys and gals at Bombay Sapphire have launched a new ‘Gin of Ten Journeys’. Essentially, it’s a journey into gin without leaving the capital.

A Gin of Ten Journeys: What to Expect

The concept it simple: ten leading bars from across Europe, with five from the UK have come together to celebrate one of the ten exquisite botanicals found within Bombay Sapphire to create a new cocktail and immersive drinking experience. Whether it’s drinking in an ‘experiential jungle’ or throwing a pound-coin into your wishing-well cocktail, these unique serves are only be available until the end of September.

‘A Gin of Ten Journeys’ takes intrepid travellers on an inspirational journey to explore the stories, myths and provenance behind the ten sustainably sourced botanicals used in Bombay Sapphire gin. From juniper, lemon peel and coriander, to more exotic flavours such as cassia bark (which adds the distinctive spice of cinnamon) and grains of paradise (a member of the ginger family), these delicate, balanced herbs, fruits and spices all create the unique and smooth liquid of Bombay Sapphire.

Photo Credit: Joe Greer 

A Gin of Ten Journeys: The Bars

Taking part in the gin journey is three fantastic bars on our door step. If you’re in the mood to shake up your bar routine – here’s where you need to be heading.

1. Three Sheets, Dalston

Drink: The Wishing Well

The Lowdown: This cosy east London bar has taken inspiration from two wish-making acts: the Moroccan ritual of crushing coriander seeds and throwing it, as well as the Western idea of throwing a coin in a river. With that they have created is The Wishing Well, a cocktail built around coriander-infused Bombay Sapphire and soda, served with a pound coin alongside, which will be donated to the Well Foundation.

Where: 510b Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AB

2. The Blue Bar at The Berkeley, Kensington

Drink: The Angel Scent

The Lowdown: This classic destination bar is showcasing the fabled Angelica Root. Working with a perfumier, they have created what they believe is an angel’s scent using angelica root to enhance the key botanical in Bombay Sapphire, with the scent lingering on the table long after The Angel Scent cocktail is served.

Where: The Berkeley, Wilton Place, London SW1X 7RL

3. Scout, Shoreditch

Drink: Sweet Cicely

The Lowdown: Using liquorice, the bar where simplicity reigns supreme, made Sweet Cicely – a simple cocktail with complex flavours. The short drink is served in a pitch-black room that houses the bar’s lab, with the drink illuminated by spotlight – bringing about an element of seduction and mystery like the botanical itself.

Where: 93 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3JD