Perfecting the Espresso Martini is a skill that will never let you down as a dinner party trick. Making this iconic cocktail doesn’t have to be so prescriptive; there are lots of different options and choices you can make to personalise your Espresso Martini to your tastes. Grey Goose Vodka’s newly appointed Coffee Ambassador, Maja Jaworska gives her top five things you can do to change up your order or home recipe:

1. Add Fleur de Sel

Adding a pinch of a quality salt, fleur de sel, can enhance the flavours of an Espresso Martini by accentuating the character of its ingredients and rounding off the flavour balance. Using fleur de sel in a Grey Goose La Vanille Espresso Martini, can really elevate the spirit’s toffee notes and adds a hint of salted caramel flavours.

2. Cut the Sugar

Many Espresso Martinis are made with sugar syrup, which can easily increase the sweet nature of the drink. Maja recommends using a premium quality coffee liqueur that will emphasise all the natural rich characteristics, but if you are looking for something sweeter, Maja recommends using Demerara sugar, “its flavours are really powerful and just a small quantity is enough.” For an added twist, use the recently relaunched Grey Goose La Vanille for a natural vanilla taste.

3. Choose your Coffee Wisely

If you’re making an Espresso Martini with the finest ingredients, choosing high quality coffee is just as important as the spirit. Different coffees will bring out different flavours in an Espresso Martini depending on their origin, terroir and processing. For example, using a wet processed, bright Kenyan coffee will result in an Espresso Martini with fruity and bright flavour notes compared to using a natural processed, nutty Brazilian coffee that will introduce more chocolatey and caramel notes.

4. Don’t Just Add Coffee Beans

An Espresso Martini will traditionally be garnished with three coffee beans but you can choose to spice things up with an alternative garnish. Maja and Ambre suggest trying a slice of orange, or a dusting of cocoa powder for some extra flavour.

5. You Can Make Them at Home With French Press Coffee

The Grey Goose Espresso Martini is composed of four ingredients – Grey Goose vodka, a premium coffee liqueur, your choice of speciality filter coffee from a single origin, and fleur de sel. If you don’t have a shaker, you can alternatively use a mason jar to shake up your Espresso Martini.