If there’s one thing lockdown has taught us, it’s that our cocktail making could do with a little work. Thanks to the popularity of canned cocktails, you’re never too far away from a pre-mixed Mojito that, thankfully, doesn’t taste as though you’ve just inhaled half a bag of Tate & Lyle.

There are some pretty decent canned concoctions knocking about in supermarkets now that are a move away from the overly sweetened tins you stock up on before a long train ride. Instead, start-ups and lesser-known brands are all staking their claim on the shelves, including newly launched MOTH. With four classic cocktails available in Waitrose & Partners, MOTH stands for cocktails, company and conversation, without any snobbery.

Inspired by good times and late nights, MOTH uses only the best quality ingredients and are ready to go when you are (right now it’s a walk to the living room), without any faff.

The range features MOTH Old Fashioned – a classic done very well. Strong and heady, as an Old Fashioned should taste, this is a post-dinner sipper that’ll liven up any lockdown lock-in. For those wanting to recreate a night at a cocktail bar should reach for the MOTH Espresso Martini. Delicately walking the tightrope between rich, indulgent and creamy, this is the cocktail to reach for should you start flagging during yet another Zoom quiz.

The MOTH Negroni comes straight out of the starting blocks with its unmistakable rich and fruity taste that stabilises the bitterness, resulting in a floral and punchy aperitif. A drinkable Italian experience we can get on board with. And coming in hot (or should we say cold, best served over ice), is the MOTH Margarita. Fresh and sharp, with a good slosh of Tequila that you can actually taste, this rocket of a cocktail not only looks great, but tastes it too.

MOTH cocktails are available to buy exclusively from Waitrosefor £3.99 per can.