We’re big believers of drink with the seasons at Wine List. Drinking one thing for too long becomes too much. Just as the first asparagus of May should be a welcome delight after months of wintery trudgery, so to are those first summer drinks. And with the new launch of By The Glass, you now have even more flexibility and ability to explore those changing seasons, flavours and varieties. 

Wine List’s Summer Wine Picks: July

As summer kicks off I always opt for refreshing wines with lots of acidity. I’m thinking park picnics, garden parties, and the start of BBQ season, so I tend to veer towards white wines or something sparkling:

Ryzlink Riesling is a Czech riesling. Apricot aromas throughout with great refreshing acidity. Light and crisp. Available by the bottle or in the July By the glass shipment.

Oxney Organic Rose is one of England’s very best roses and tastes of strawberries and cream. A Wine List crowd favourite at £18

Lamiable Grand Cru Champagne – before it gets too hot, we like to drink crisp Champagne. Lamiable is a blend of 2014 base wine and so adds real aged flavours to the wine.

Wine List’s Summer Wine Picks: August

It’s heating up now and this is usually the time of year that we’re jet-setting around the world for our summer holidays. For obvious reasons, most of us will be transporting ourselves via our glasses of wine to our favourite spots in Italy, the South of France, or the beach.

E Rosso is a chillable, natural red wine that comes in litre bottles from Italy. They are consciously converting their farms to biodynamic as we speak, and reducing the level of sulphites. A juicy and bright red that is perfect in August sun – also available in By the Glass

L’echappee Belle is a crisp white that takes you to the seaside. Close your eyes and you can practically smell the salty air, and platters of seafood being brought towards you. Drink in magnum or bottle.

Maison Venentac is a Languedoc wine producer whose rosé is an out and out classic at WIne List HQ. Languedoc by nature, but Provencal in style. Crisp light and perfect for summer heat.

Wine List’s Summer Wine Picks: September

Fully relaxed from long summer nights combined with the change of seasons, September is all about finding that balance. This is when I like to explore wines that are a little more adventurous…

– With the first cool evenings yet, you’ll want to welcome them with great reds. Sanction by Domaine Oddyssee is just that – a grenache that is elegant rather than jammy and so suits the late summer evenings. Available in bottle.

Westwell Pet Nat smells so prominently of apples, you could probably be tricked into thinking it’s a cider. Absolutely wonderful and perfectly English.

Sparkling Red by Dunleavy is the perfect September evening wine. The warmth makes you want sparkling but the earlier evenings make you want red. This sparkling red is just the answer. Like sparking cherryade.

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