Hello friends! Love a smoothie? In need of some blended fruit loving in the morning? We’ll tell you this right now, it’s about time you tried Vital’s fantastic new smoothie range. This week, we’re so excited to be partnering with Vital Ingredient for #VitalHealthWeek – expect tasty food features, a special competition and lots of ideas for getting healthy in the capital. You can get involved by following them on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here for all the latest news. Today, discover all about their new smoothie range:

New for spring is their extended raw and naked smoothie range. The idea is simple: just choose from seven vibrant and freshly prepared cups, then take it to the counter for whizzing with your choice of apple juice or coconut water. Job done. Each raw and naked has a different benefit, including antioxidant, protein and energy, and immunity. Great for afternoon snacks or to bulk out that brekkie or lunch.

For a Spring Smoothie: Raw and Naked Cucumber Cooler

What: Raw and Naked Cucumber Cooler Smoothie – cucumber, melon, apple, ginger and mint. Blitzed with coconut water (£3.99)

Perfect For: Great smoothie after a spa treatment. Cucumbers ain’t just good for the eyes, hey.

The Run-Down: Oh baby – this smoothie is as refreshing as it gets. Cucumber and melon provide the perfect base, and the hit of ginger and mint gives a punchy zing to this smoothie. We love drinking this smoothie whilst basking in the London rays. It’s cooling. It’s super tasty. We love.

For a Veggie Smoothie: Raw and Naked Mean and Green

What: Raw and Naked Mean and Green Smoothie – spinach, celery, apple, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, kale, parsley. Blitzed with apple juice (£3.99)

Perfect For: Getting your five a day in one fell swoop.

The Run-Down: Green smoothies can go one of two ways: they can either taste like a salad bowl, or actually be rather delicious. Thankfully, Vital’s mean and green smoothie is the latter. This drink has all sorts of flavours going on – spinach, broccoli  and celery is like the whole grail of green veggies, and the kale and parsley balance the mixture out nicely. Order the poached egg boxes to go with it. Breakfast perfection.

For a Fruity Smoothie: Raw and Naked Supercharge

What: Raw & Naked Supercharge Smoothie – pineapple, mango, spinach, apple, goji berries. Blitzed with coconut water (£3.99)

Perfect For: Feeling like you’re in Costa del Sol.

The Run-Down: Ooo-er, this totally tropical smoothie sends you to the warmer climes of Europe, all for the bargain price of £3.99. It almost feels like a pina colda minus the booze and tacky beach-front Spanish bar. Anything with coconut water, mango and pineapple gets our vote.

For a Veggie Smoothie: Raw and Naked Virgin Mojito

What: Raw & Naked Virgin Mojito Smoothie – spinach, apple, kale, blueberries, linseed, pomegranate, goji berries, ginger and mint. Blitzed with apple juice (£3.99)

Perfect For: A breakfats bursting with fruits, veg and a protein boost

The Run-Down: Virgin Mojito smoothie? We’re all ears. This smoothie is a lovely little number if you fancy something a bit different to your usual combination, and it’s antioxidant rich. It’s a lush detoxifier, packed full of all the good stuff. We especially like the addition of linseed and goji berries – they’re apparently ‘superfoods’, but we just think they taste nice.

For an Energy Smoothie: Raw and Naked Protein Powerhouse

What:  Protein Powerhouse – banana, strawberries, almond milk, pumpkin seeds, hemp protein powder. Blitzed with coconut water (£3.99)

Perfect For: A post gym pick me up.

The Run-Down: This smoothie is great for after the gym – spin class, weight session, a couple of laps round the pool. This smoothie is packed full of protein and energy to perk you up after sweating it out. Banana, strawberries and almond milk is such a killer combo. Order one of these babies and thank us later.

Don’t know Vital? Well, Vital Ingredient is the go-to venue on the high street for healthy, good quality food that you can create from start to finish. The are 19 stores currently with 2 new ones launching in 2017, across the City, Soho, Holborn and the West End. You can see all locations here.

Sponsored post in assocation with Vital Ingredient for #VitalHealthWeek – follow them on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here.