Looking for a fun and boozy (non-boozy options available) night in? And no, it’s not another Zoom quiz. Let us introduce you to Cocktails by Candlelight – a new nifty home kit containing everything needed for a night of cocktail shaking and candle making.

Cocktails by Candlelight: The Lowdown

Cocktails by Candlelight does what it says on the tin: make deliciously scented wax candles (cruelty-free, vegan coconut wax and fragrance oils), whilst enjoying premium cocktails (the same strength and size as those found in the finest of cocktail bars). With a choice of classic, experimental or alcohol-free cocktails, and specially curated playlists of spicy tunes to set the night on fire, Cocktails by Candlelight will get you lit.

Cocktails by Candlelight: Cocktails

Let’s talk cocktails. Espresso Martinis if you’re wondering. We opted for this caffeinated beauty in our kit, and it didn’t disappoint. Rich, indulgent and creamy, it was the right balance between sweet and bitter.

There’s loads of serves to choose from. Expect all the classics like Negronis to Penicillin, and if you fancy something a little experimental, there’s the Spicy Watermelon Margarita, a fiery twist on a Tommy’s Margarita, and the Meltdown Martini, a tropical fruity twist on a classic Pornstar Martini made with vodka, Aperol, passionfruit, vanilla, lemon curd, lemon, and crystallised lemon.

Bringing the spark is the candles (which smell amazing, by the way). You can pick a candle based on your Zodiac sign, seasonal smells (it’s all about Christmas spices rn), or you can build your own experience.

All the candles use only fully vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and sustainable cotton eco-wicks. Cocktails by Candlelight provide the vegan coconut wax, wicks, jars, labels, and fragrances with instructions on how to craft them. You just need a thermometer, which can be bought directly from them, and something to heat and melt the wax in. Fragrances include Citrus Basil, Vintage & Vetiver, Tonka & Tobacco and Mango & Papaya – plus many more to choose from.

Cocktails by Candlelight is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, a fun night with friends, or an evening of self-care.

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