It goes without saying that Camden Town is one of the capital’s most loved breweries. It’s rare to go in a pub in London nowadays and not find ‘Camden Hells’ on tap – an accessible, bubbly lager that feels remarkably light and premium, ultimately sitting as a safe bet for your first drink of the night or some much-needed hair of the dog the morning after (even if we still can’t get on board with the weird pint glasses).

Whether it’s their legendary tank parties, innovative use of flavours or just some fantastic branding, Camden is obviously much loved for a reason, which is why we were excited to try two new beers straight from the North London powerhouse.

Thankfully, we avoided the questionable collaboration with Marmite, and instead dug into two new drops joining their core range.

Camden Town Brewery: Unfussy Unfiltered Lager

Starting as all good nights should, we began with a crisp, cold unfiltered lager straight from the fridge. Named ‘Unfussy’ due to its full-bodied and fresh nature, Camden claim this is the closest to tasting beer straight from the tank, and in many ways, we’d have to agree with them.

As fans of german beers, the hazy colouring and almost wheat beer-esque texture was right up our strasse, with a fantastic lingering aftertaste and a glorious dryness coming from the Callista hops. Where most major lagers are tasteless and serve a simpler purpose, this is a heavier, more luxurious beer to savour. In terms of depth, it almost has an IPA like quality to it, not a lager to smash all night but rather have one or two cans to take the edge off before moving onto a more juicy brew. The fresh taste was somewhat remarkable and overall ‘Unfussy’ provided a nice change-up from their more traditional lager offering. If you’ve avoided lager for some time, this will draw you back in for sure.

Camden Town Brewery: Canapé Session IPA

Second, we dug into Canapé – a new Session IPA housed in a gorgeous peach colourway and the latest in accessible pale ales from the brewery. While that may sound like a dig, we actually commend Camden for their accessibility when it comes to IPA’s (Marmite collab aside). Their classic ‘Camden Pale’ was definitely one of the beers that started our craft beer journey many moons ago, and it’s good to see them embracing different flavour notes like the tropical vibe of their ‘Off Menu’ brew. Canapé, their latest offering essentially sits in the middle ground when it comes to their entire range. A mix of hops come together here to create a wonderful mix of flavours, with Citra giving a juicy edge while Cascade provides a light dryness. Sitting at just 4.4%, a light texture compliments the lower ABV, making it an ideal beer to sit and drink all day (we just wish this launched in the summer).

Overall it’s refreshing to see a brewery like Camden not rest on its laurels and instead push new flavour notes and styles into their range; finding a somewhat perfect middle ground for both craft novices and connoisseurs. We’re excited to see what they do next.

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