A Percol pop-up is offering free coffee to anybody bringing a reusable cup, highlighting the importance of sustainability.

We all know that plastic harms the environment, but what about disposable paper coffee cups? Every year in the UK, 2.5 billion of them are thrown away – with less than 0.25% being recycled. That means around 2,437,500,000 cups end up in landfill.While disposable cups may be convenient, they come at a huge environmental cost. To make them waterproof, the inner lining uses a mixture of paper and plastic, which is much harder to break down.

Plans for a 25p levy on paper cups have already been discussed by the government, but really  its up to all of us to cut down on waste. So hats off to Percol for this forward thinking pop-up (the furniture is also recycled, the coffee ethically sourced).And if you haven’t already invested in a reusable mug, then do it now and you’ll get a free coffee as well as saving the environment.

The pop-up at Old St Station runs until Friday 20th April.