Did you know it’s Sherry Week? Perhaps not. The problem is: once reputations are gained they are not easily shaken. Sherry is about as cool as Elton John’s left foot; the type of beverage that gets your granny a little tipsy. Her sherry is sickly sweet, the type of sugary gunge that coats your teeth and gives you the same horrendous sugar headache as all-you-can guzzle drinks at Nandos.

As with any booze, it is wise to think carefully about your poison of choice and if you look a little closer Sherry is in fact the champagne of the fortified wines. Just like the sparkling stuff all sherry must come from a protected area- ‘The Sherry Triangle’.

For a while I have been on the Sherry trail, after it took me back to a reckless time, when mixing gin and cider seemed like an excellent idea. Sherry is in fact a tiny bit classier, as thought and planning goes into beefing up the wine from the white Palamino grape with brandy. The outcome is variable; often salty, sometimes sweet and always refreshing.

Sherry is an excellent summer sipper, as it is made with sunshine in mind. If you are unsure about it, twelve sips over a few occasions may train your taste buds. If you are really not convinced, twelve sips in one sitting should sufficiently numb them. Here’s 5 wicked ways to drink Sherry in London this week:

1. By the Barrel: Drakes Tabanco, Fitzrovia – where to Drink Sherry in London

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

What better way to start on the Sherry trail, than experiencing the closest thing to authentic Spanish sipping that London has to offer. When sitting in the rustic surroundings of Drakes Tabanco you can’t help looking over your shoulder, expecting a moustached Spaniard to pop-up with his castanets at any point. These chaps may not be the order of the day, but enjoying a glass or two of sherry straight from the barrel most certainly is. Drakes are making enjoying sherry easy, with a simple choice of six. We suggest glass of Amontillado with a few slithers of Jamon, some nuts and olives, which will transport your mind to the warm coasts of the Mediterranean.

Drakes Tabanco is at 3 Windmill Street, London,W1T 2HY

2. With Some Tasty Tapas: Casa Brindisa, South Kensington – where to Drink Sherry in London

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

The word ‘tapa’ comes from the Spanish for “lid”, which once upon a time referred to a slice of Jamon Iberico that would protect your precious sherry from flying creatures that love to drown in booze. Brindisa has a growing chain of establishments, which come rain or shine will knock-up the finest morsels of joy. This is the type of food that deserves to be shared with a glass of Fino Sherry, so head straight for the Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham, a few smackerels of grilled octopus leg and the fantastically rich grilled smoked chorizo on toast. If you are here for lunch, nip to the deli to stock up on more Iberico Ham, to satiate your hunger pangs come evening.

Casa Brindisa is at 7-9 Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2HE

3. In Rosie’s Citrus Supreme – where to drink sherry in London

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

If you are not convinced by Sherry, enhance the flavour by mixing it. If you are really unsure about Sherry mask it: *Two glasses of this could lead to questionable decisions. Before indulging outside of the comforts of your own home, make sure you have city mapper installed on your phone, or a friendly cab company at your beck and call.

For a party jug, mix together with plenty of ice:

A bottle of Amontadillo Sherry,

250ml of Cointreau,

250ml freshly squeezed orange juice,

Splash into glasses, with plenty of ice and top up with a little fizzy water.

4. In Jelly’s Negroni with Sauce – where to drink sherry in London

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

We are so enamoured with Sherry Cocktails, that one simply wasn’t enough… If you have got onboard the Negroni bus, travel twenty stops east to try a twist on a the bitter classic-

Shake with ice equal parts of: Campari, Haymans Old Tom Gin and Manzanilla Sherry, with a squeeze of lemon. Serve with a large slice of lemon peel.

5. In a Sherry Tour: WineChap’s ‘Chapas’ – where to drink Sherry in London

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

On 21st August let WineChap, otherwise known as Tom Harrow take you on a ‘Chapas’. For £45 a pop you will embark on a whistle-stop tour of London’s inner circle or Sherry fuelled establishments in and around King’s Cross. At each of the seven establishments you will sample some of the finest Sherry and Tapas. But hurry, there are only seven spots available!

Ways to Drink Sherry in London

Meet at 6:30pm – Bar Pepito, 3 Varnisher’s Yard, N1 9DF

We are sure that soon Sherry will be so hip that lovely ladies everywhere will name there little bruisers ‘Shezza’ after the tipple. Until that happens, savour your sherry in style.