Buckle up, because Coffee Week just received a boozy twist. From the 16th – 22nd October 2023, we’re raising our mugs to the delightful marriage of caffeine and cocktails. Here are five coffee cocktail recipes to add a boozy treat to your coffee.

Mr Black Espresso Martini 

– 45ml Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
– 15ml Vodka
– 30ml Espresso
Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake energetically. Strain into coupette and garnish with coffee beans
Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur RRP: £24 for 50cl. ABV: 23%. Available from: Waitrose 

Duppy Share Caribbean Coffee

– 30ml Duppy Share XO Rum
– 20ml Duppy Share Aged Rum
– 25ml Coco Lopez
– 30ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
– 50ml Espresso
– 2 Dashes of Chocolate Bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and garnish with grated nutmeg.

Duppy Share Aged Rum RRP: £26 for 70cl. ABV: 40%. Available from:  AmazonMorrisonsThe Whisky ExchangeMaster of Malt and Asda

Duppy Share XO Rum RRP: £40.50 for 70cl. ABV: 40%. Available from: Master of MaltAmazonThe Whisky Exchange

Kavka Tokaji Vodka Espresso Martini 

– 50 ml Kavka Tokaji Vodka
– 25 ml Coffee Liquor
– 30 ml Fresh Coffee
– 2 Drops of Chocolate Bitter
– Garnish Chocolate Powder

Combine all the ingredients with ice and shake well. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with coffee beans

Kavka Tokaji Vodka RRP: From £44.95 for 70cl. ABV: 46%. Available from: AmazonMaster of Malt and Hedonism Wines

ADRIATICO Bianco Amaretto Cappuccino

– 50ml ADRIATICO Bianco Amaretto
– Espresso

Pour ADRIATICO Bianco Amaretto into a mug of espresso and garnish with coffee beans

ADRIATICO Bianco Amaretto RRP: £28.99 for 70 cl. ABV 16%. Available from: AmazonThe Whisky ExchangeMaster of Malt and Eataly

Micil Connemartini 

– 35ml Micil Irish Poitín
– 15ml Micil Connemara Irish Cream
– 15ml Coffee Liqueur
– 1 Shot of Freshly Brewed Espresso

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake vigorously. Double strain in a chilled glass of your choosing.

Micil Connemara Irish Cream RRP: From £23.95 for 70cl. ABV: 17%. Available from: The Whisky ExchangeMaster of Malt and Micil Distillery 

Micil Irish Poitín RRP: From £28.95 for 50cl. ABV: 44%. Available from: The Whisky ExchangeMaster of Malt and Micil Distillery