Ah, the long-awaited arrival of summer. As the nights grow longer and beer gardens become enticing destinations, the sun-drenched days call for the perfect accompaniment: a refreshing cocktail. With a myriad of new spirits gracing the scene each year, it’s often challenging to discern which ones are truly worth your hard-earned money. Raise a glass and cheers to the sun-filled season.

1. For a Rose Vodka: Rozel

The Lowdown: Rozél is a premium rosé vodka, which is a lighter alternative to rosé wine and boasts flavours of raspberry, white peach and pink grapefruit. Rozél’s lush pink colour and delicate, fruity notes make it the perfect spirit for any drinking occasion this summer – from picnics in the park to BBQs, birthdays, parties, and brunches.

Price: £26

Where: Online here

2. For a Charitable Cause: Crystal Head Vodka

The Lowdown: Crystal Head Pride Vodka contains the original, ultra-premium Crystal Head Vodka crafted from Canadian corn. Expect a citrus and vanilla aroma, a silky smooth and creamy texture, a hint of sweetness and vanilla and a soft, warming finish. Centring around wider LGBTQIA+ inclusivity through colour representation in the design, Crystal Head Vodka has partnered with the leading UK LGBTQIA+ charity, Kaleidoscope Trust, to donate a percentage from each sale.

Price: £60

Where: Online here

3. For a Grape Gin: G’vine

The Lowdown: G’Vine is a premium French gin made with grapes. The outstanding qualities of this gin come from using grapes and vine flowers in its creation, which is unique for a gin. The grapes lend round, smooth qualities, while the vine flowers are delicate and fresh, and a bouquet of botanicals complements their flavours. The result? A superbly fresh, floral and elegant gin.

Price: £35

Where: Online here

4. For a Taste of Mexico: El Rayo

The Lowdown: Mix up a vibrant summer highball with El Rayo Tequila, the modern tequila crafted with 100% slow-grown blue agave. The classic T&T (tequila and tonic) reimagines premium tequila as more than just a shot. It’s a long, light and refreshing service best enjoyed in the sunshine for an authentic taste of Mexico. The perfect way to begin long summer evenings.

Price: £34.95

Where: Online here

5. For a Non-Alcoholic Aperitif: High Point

The Lowdown: This summer have yourself a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail crafted with High Point’s Ruby Aperitif: the world’s first fermented non-alcoholic spirit. Alive with depth, this herb and the botanical infusion is fermented for 30 days to create extraordinary serves for everyone to enjoy in the sunshine.

Price: £19.99

Where: Online here

Photo credit: Adam Sargent