Looking for something delicious to drink during the heatwave? Here’s our top picks for summer sips:

1. 1800 Tequila: Recipe Paloma

The Lowdown: 1800 is the original premium tequila, named after the year the category was born. This bottle is ideal to make a refreshing Paloma cocktail; the perfect serve for these hot summer evenings.

Recipe: Dip the rim of your glass into pink Himalayan salt. To this glass, add ice, 1800 Silver Tequila, lime juice, and organic agave nectar. Top with pink grapefruit soda

Price: £30

2. Bumbu

The Lowdown: The flavour of Bumbu is like no other rum I have previously tasted. Caramel, vanilla and a hint of oak, with notes of banana and cinnamon throughout. Smooth, sweet and light. Ultimately Bumbu is built more like a dessert and is thoroughly enjoyable to drink. As someone who loves banana flavour this was a dream to try.

Price: £35

3. Faustino VII Rose

The Lowdown: If you’re planning on having family or friends round for a relaxed drink in the sun, try Faustino VII Rose. It’s fresh and vibrant, with complex and intense fresh fruit aromas paired with floral notes makes this an ideal drink for our heatwave.

Price: £7

4. Slingsby Gin

The Lowdown: An Initial burst of citrus gives way to sweet jasmine-scented green tea. Enjoy over ice with Indian tonic water and garnished with a twist of grapefruit peel and fresh blueberries. You will be the talk of your friends serving up this fancy twist on a classic G&T.

Price: £30

5. Luc Belaire

The Lowdown: Firstly the bottle is a thing of beauty. While sat on the table it just looks impressive. The taste matches the bottle from fine Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. The wine begins with aromas of stone fruits, ripe pear, and brioche. Tropical notes of mango complement fresh Chardonnay fruit and limestone on the palate. Certainly, one if you want to treat yourself this summer.

Price: £31.99

6. MOTH Cocktails

The Lowdown: MOTH (Mix of Total Happiness) is an ideal cocktail mix for a sunny afternoon with friends or a few drinks before going out. MOTH are a reasonably priced cocktail which taste great and are no fuss. In the summer months they are perfect to have in your fridge for any impromptu guests or just if you want a nice tasting cocktail but low fuss.

Price: £3.99 at Sainsburys & Tesco


The Lowdown: Here to change perceptions of cider, SXOLLIE (pronounced sko-llie) hails from South Africa. 100% natural made entirely from Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Cripps Pink apples, you have three great tasting variants. SXOLLIE are looking to disrupt the cider market and get people to convert from wine. Their lower ABV of 4.5% may certainly help convert the more health conscious drinkers out there to try it in a first instance.

Price: From £1.80 at Waitrose