As much as you might enjoy sipping a tipple at a pub or bar after work, you wouldn’t even need to visit a dedicated drinking establishment if you had your own mini bar at home.

You might have long been convinced that making your own bar station would cost you too much time and money. However, the following quirky ideas reveal that setting up a mini bar can actually entail surprisingly little legwork.

Go vintage with an old bar cart 

You might be able to find a suitable preowned one to buy if you look around car boot sales and online equivalents like eBay. You can then arrange a series of drinks bottles on top of the cart once you have got it home.

The Spruce advises: “The key is selecting a tray or cart that complements the rest of your space’s aesthetic.”

Position a drink station in a small nook 

Your house probably has at least one small nook, an awkward opening you have never quite been able to fill sensibly. Well, you might have finally found the sensible method you were looking for.

It would be especially convenient if the nook in question is right next to a sofa or similar seating, as you would then easily be able to reach for a drink while watching a film or reading a book.

Replicate elements of a ‘proper’ bar 

You have probably been to bars where the walls are used to display intriguing artwork or styled with Tron-esque neon lines.

Basically, if your favourite watering hole’s interiors impress you, you could investigate how to possibly replicate aspects of them for your home-based mini bar.

Install open shelving in the kitchen 

Another obstacle to creating a mini bar could be a lack of floor space to obviously use for it. However, you could largely sidestep that problem by turning to empty wall space instead.

Yes, you could put up some handy shelves that would let you see bottles of wine and liquor at eye level and easily grab drinks as and when you need them.

Make a mini bar from a weathered door 

This especially creative idea comes from The Design Tourist — and the site also shows a photo of how the finished mini bar could look. What you can see in that photo is essentially a weathered door stood vertically and with an array of shelves attached.

You might already have an old door simply left in your garage — and through affixing balusters to that door, you can even create storage space for bottles and drinks.

Assemble your own side table 

That table could go into your living room and be decorated in a manner that reflects the overall room’s established style.

As building a DIY home bar usually involves cutting wood, you could heed Homedit’s guidance for how to do this safely. Alternatively, you could buy some readymade table tops and legs and then put them together in your home to form a side table that will act as your mini bar.