There was a time when I believed that making a frozen bucket of margarita mix at home was the pinnacle of bartending. Cocktails with more than two components used to intimidate me. Why not make drinks at home if you like them?

Even if your home lacks the ambience of a swanky bar, it only takes a few items to transform yourself from pouring out a bucket of margaritas to sipping an excellent one. You’ll be mixing up cocktails in no time after utilising these ideas! Let’s get started on our list of cocktail-making suggestions, which will help you become a great home bartender in no time!

1. Stock your home bar

The first step is to fill your bar with everything you’ll need to brew fantastic drinks at home. It may appear difficult at first, but there are certain basic spirits and mixers that can get you started. Asking a local cocktail shop owner for advice on what to stock your home bar is one of the easiest ways to get started. You may also pick up a lot by asking a bartender at a nearby establishment. They’ll be able to advise you on what you like.

2. Buy the right tools

Investing in high-quality bar tools will make the whole process much simpler. I search for items that are well-made, dishwasher safe, and affordable. My manual lemon juicer is one of my favourite gadgets. It can take a beating and still be functional. You’ll definitely need a high-quality cocktail shaker in your arsenal. While I usually purchase items one at a time, you may make things even simpler by getting a complete set.

3. Learn the 6 must-know cocktails

As with many bartending theories, there are numerous debates about how many classic cocktails exist. Things have gone in and out of style as bar culture and preferences have developed. The most popular six cocktails, according to most bartending experts, are:

  1. Daiquiri
  2. Old Fashioned
  3. Martini
  4. Sour
  5. Highball
  6. Flip

These six drinks are the foundation for all other mixed drinks.

4. Make your own simple syrups

Syrups are really simple to produce. While you may buy pre-made variants, a freshly prepared syrup makes a world of difference. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine equal parts sugar and water until the sugar is completely dissolved. I generally prepare a simple syrup with one cup of water and one cup of sugar. You may also make infused simple syrups that include fruit or herbs for added taste. I propose utilizing Crew Bottles to keep your syrups. They are readily identifiable since they have distinct labels with which to identify them. You don’t want mouldy syrup in your cocktail! A half-ounce of vodka added to the completed syrup before storing will help keep your syrups fresher longer.

5. Use fresh fruit and herbs

Squeezing my own fresh juices for cocktails instantly boosted their quality tenfold. (I used to believe that Rose’s Lime Juice was juice.) Many commercially available juices contain added sugar. Because most cocktail recipes are based on fresh juice and won’t factor in the extra sugar, this will complicate your cocktail-making efforts. Fruits and herbs are the difference between a so-so drink and one that you will enjoy. Farmer’s markets, buying fruits when they’re in season, or creating your own herb garden can all help you save money.