When you think of a casino you probably think about Las Vegas and the glitz and glamour. Everybody there looks cool and elegant like they’ve just come from a fashion show. They are playing casino games, poised, with a fancy drink in hand. But what are they drinking?

While when you are at home playing live casino games online you could be in your PJs drinking coffee or tea, when you go to a brick and mortar casino you’ll probably be socially drinking or ready to down a few to keep your spirits up and your confidence high. The key is to not let too loose and be able to remain composed and focused. As you should gamble responsibly, you should also drink responsibly.

Below you can find the top ten most popular casino drinks, in no particular order, that the best gamblers enjoy. So next time when someone asks you what drinks to order at a casino you will be able to say, like Tyrion from Game of Thrones, “I drink, and I know things” and give them an extensive list.

The best casino drinks menu:


Two glasses of Champagner and Cooler

This sparkling wine that comes all the way from the Champagne region in France is a drink that’s well known for being the go to drink for winning and celebration. If you remember to only drink a glass or two and not spray the bottle everywhere you should be good to go.

Gin and Tonic

This drink has been around since the 1700s when it was used to prevent and treat malaria because it contained quinine and the sugar and lime where there to make it bearable for those that didn’t enjoy the bitter taste. The weird thing is that nowadays people like it exactly because of the bitter taste.


This one’s a classic that goes in most circumstances. Everyone likes beer. Sure, some prefer it blonde, others dark, some unfiltered and some light, but you can’t deny that it’s good. It might not be as classy as other drinks, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it if this is what you like. Be careful not to drink too many because you might end your winning streak because you had to go to the bathroom.

Bloody Mary

This is something you’ll see all the big shots drinking on the second day of being at the casino when they are slightly hungover. It’s a great pick me up and the tomato juice and vodka cocktail seems to fix nausea.


Even the famous James Bond liked Martinis. Shaken, not stirred. You can have it any way you like it if the gin and vermouth make you feel as cool as Bond, James Bond.


Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice mixed together well turn into this simple, yet fancy drink. It might look girly, but we assure you that this is a drink for the brave.

Jack and Coke

Jack Daniels and Coke is one of the most popular mixes right now and is super easy to make. This is how you know exactly what you’re getting, and no one can screw it up, so you’ll be happy no matter who makes it.

Long Island Ice Tea

Don’t be fooled by the ice tea part because this drink will destroy you if you don’t take it seriously. It’s one of the strongest cocktails out there because it’s not just one of the members of the rum drinks family, it also has tequila, vodka, triple sec, gin, gomme syrup, lemon juice and cola over ice.


Another simple but epic combination is the screwdriver, which is basically vodka and orange juice. It’s strong, it’s citrusy, it’s fresh.


It’s not a cocktail and it’s not alcoholic and it’s not really something you’ll deem classy, but it’s the most important liquid ever. You need to stay hydrated and to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water when you are gambling. So, if you’re going to drink alcohol, throw some water in the mix as well to keep things in top shape.