If you’re craving your pushups as well as your pretzels, burpees as well as beigels; New York is the place to be. The New York fitness scene is one of a kind, as a pioneer of fitness trends you should expect the strange as well as the (very) sweaty. Whatever type of class you do, high fives are obligatory and you’ll probably make a new friend. Here’s where to get your fitness kicks in the Big Apple:

For Bootcamp: Tone House


The Lowdown: Although Tone House promises to ‘train you like an athlete’, this doesn’t mean you won’t have a lot of fun. Exercises include racing each other on ab dollys ( which feels a bit like a mini sledge) and and you’ll crawl around doing exercises you didn’t think even existed. You start and end as one team, and when you break off to compete relay exercises in groups, everyone will cheer for you. Tone House really felt like a community.

The Place For: The nostalgia of school sports day combined with “have I just joined the army?”

Price: You can try out your first class for $20. After that, single classes are $35.

Where: 32 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016

For Spinning: Soul Cycle 


The Lowdown: The father of spin, Soul Cycle celebrated its 10th birthday last week and has a client list including the Obamas. The instructors are vigilant (but not militant) as to whether you’re really turning up your resistance and the playlist encourages you to cycle to the beat making you *almost* forget you’re exercising. Slacking isn’t an option, but you really don’t want to. The instructors are super encouraging and you can tell everyone in the room is really giving their best.

The Place For: An endorphin high

Price: It’s not cheap – so sweat your every cent, but the first class is $20.

Where: Locations here 

For the All Body Workout: The Class With TT


The Lowdown: If you’re going to do any class in New York, this would be my no.1 recommendation. Described as a ’75-minute cathartic mind-body experience’, this class is the ultimate de-stresser, ridding the body of emotional stress through intense physical exertion, and creating a by-product of a strong, lean and toned body. This is far more than an exercise class, its cathartic cardio and core exercises will leave you feeling both emotionally and physically lighter (you will sweat an ocean). Try to take the class lead by Taryn Tooley (I don’t think she’s mortal).

The Place For: That I’ve-just-done-a-yoga-retreat-feel

Price: $30 – it’s completely worth it.

Where: Locations here 

For Yoga: Y7 Bikram 


The Lowdown: Described as the ‘soul cycle of yoga’ at Y7 the lights are down and the music loud – but rather than buddhist chants or dolphin song, expect Drake. This Hip Hop inspired yoga class is lead by the beat of the music, ensuring a fast-faced and sweaty work-out  it takes place a candle-lit room, heated to 80-90 degrees by an infrared heating system, which also helps). From Snoop (downward) Doggs to putting the yo in yoga, Y7 shakes up the yogi stereotype and reminds you that working out should be fun.

The Place For: The yoga skeptic

Price: $25 but they offer a Two Week Unlimited pass for $45

Where: Locations here 

For an Outdoor Class: NYC Endurance