January calls for a trip to look forward to, but with so many exciting destinations awaiting your arrival, where will you decide to holiday this year?

More people in the UK are heading to foreign shores than ever before and online travel agent, Travel Republic has rounded up 10 of the best destinations to visit in 2017, along with a “Visitors’ Guide” filled with the do’s and don’ts for each holiday hotspot. 

It’s time to get cultured. Embrace the different ways of living around the world and stir up some Instagram envy by ticking off some of these must-see destinations.

Without this guide, how else would you know that in Thailand you should only use a fork to push food onto a spoon, or that in Morocco a man should bow his head when greeting a woman for the first time!

Beautiful Greece has a rich history and mouth-watering menus. Top tip: It is considered disrespectful to show the palm of your hand when you wave at someone in Greece, so if you’re greeting someone in this way make sure your palm is facing towards you.

If you’re heading to sunny Spain, don’t forget that you can expect to be lunching late, with most restaurants opening at 1.30pm and 9pm for dinner – eating late is the norm for this popular destination.

The guide gives you time to prepare for your trip and get to grips with key phrases, how to interact with locals and what cultural changes to expect. Now you can travel with confidence and feel at home even if you’re thousands of miles away, enjoy!

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