You don’t realise how much work your thumbs are doing by texting, tweeting, and swiping on various devices until you have a skilled masseuse gently ease the knots out from your joints, using oil squeezed from the seeds of berries picked from the Arctic Circle.

This InstaGlow hand massage, one of five ‘Take Care of Your Selfie’ spa treatments curated by digital entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg for Celebrity Cruises, was just what the doctor ordered after a busy week and skin-cracking New York temperatures of minus 17 degrees Celsius.

After breathing in an ionizing toning flower mist, soaking your hands in a wild cherry blossom rice buff, and having your fingers and thumbs massaged until they mellow, you definitely feel disconnected and present in the moment – which is exactly what Randi and the team at Celebrity Cruises want their guests to experience.

Zuckerberg Manicure

“We’ve kind of got to this point in society where technology is so amazing that we almost went a little too far obsessed with tech, to the point that everyone is just walking around all day now, you know, in their devices, and even if you have a free minute online at Starbucks you’re mindlessly scrolling through things,” says Randi, who is sister to that other famous Zuckerberg, Facebook founder Mark.

To combat this tech-life imbalance, the partnership is “kicking off a full year long programme” from February.  “This is just the first of more excitement to come,” enthuses Randi.  “When you board your Celebrity Cruise vacation you can go to the Canyon Ranch Spa Club at Sea, and they’ll have the Take Care of Your Selfie treatments.”

As well as InstaGlow, other chances to ‘take care of your selfie’ include fACEial time, a luxurious facial that helps muscles and skin tired from starting a screen all day; Texticure, a paraffin wax manicure; Get wrAPPed, a seaweed body wrap; and  Control ALT Delight, a yoga session enhanced by T-spheres which massage pressure points.

Zuckerberg Spa

“As you can see they’re kind of cheeky, fun names, based on apps and websites that everyone uses and loves and is familiar with,” laughs Randi.  “But the point is definitely to unplug from these, and to actually be present on your vacation.”

As the CEO and founder of boutique marketing and production firm Zuckerberg Media; author of two books about finding tech-life balance; and former head of marketing at Facebook, Randi knows a thing or two about the need to unplug from technology and disconnect from devices.

“Just like you think about balance in terms of food, or fitness, or anything in your life, I think we need to apply that same kind of rigour and mindfulness to technology too,” explains Randi, with a nod to the tasty-looking cookies on the table between us at Tribeca’s Greenwich Hotel.

The new mum says she became more aware of this balance after the birth of her first son, Asher, last year.   “It’s become one of those things where we now have so far lost the balance in our lives that having a real eye to eye conversation with someone is now so rare, or you know, going out to lunch with a friend where there aren’t phones on the table is rare.”


“So even if someone just looks at these spa treatments, sees the names, and giggles a little, but it makes them think about unplugging, or it makes them think about being present on their vacation, and when they leave the ship, then that’s a great step for me.”

“My goal obviously is that people take the time to have this luxurious experience and indulge themselves, and then incorporate that unplugging mentality into their life beyond just that one vacation.”

And it’s not just a case of unplugging and disconnecting while on a cruise, or on your annual holiday; it’s about taking action in your everyday life to find that often elusive tech-life balance.  But don’t worry – this digital trailblazer isn’t advocating an unachievable off-the grid existence, or a drastic detox from tweeting and sharing.

Zuckerberg Headshot

“I actually think setting small goals is better than saying ‘cold turkey’, that’s not realistic, most of us rely on technology for our employment, our lives, for so many things.  Nor would I want to completely cut technology out, I’m a tech enthusiast, I love it, I work with a lot of great tech companies, I keep in touch with my family.”

So what tips does she have for taking care of yourself away from the gadgets?  Her reference to a ‘router rager’ – unplug the wireless router and watch your kids or partner come running for an impromptu gadget-free gathering – garners giggles at the hotel.  For someone who admits to not having a full night’s sleep since September, Randi is bright-eyed, bubbly, and full of fun.

More simply, don’t reach for your phone to check emails the minute you wake up (“It’s just a terrible way to start the day”), and carve out a block of time during the week – even just one hour – where “you’re putting the phone away, and just doing an activity that you really love.”  Going for a run, meeting friends, and of course, getting a spa treatment, are all on her list.

If you find yourself on a Celebrity Cruise, the InstaGlow will definitely leave you feeling ready to relax, and Randi recommends the Control ALT Delight yoga experience, not to mention every girl’s favourite, the manicure.  “I obviously love getting manicures, and it’s something I don’t do at all really now that I have a baby, and that was really special.”

Even Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises, admits she “can’t wait to sign up for one of the treatments.  Randi’s fresh approach helps bring balance back into our lives, and is another way to make sure our guests enjoy a relaxing, restorative holiday.”

So what are you waiting for?  Book yourself a Celebrity Cruise (or an hour out of your busy week) and resolve to take care of your self(ie) this year.