The market for male escorts has observed steady growth in the last few years. Good company and short-term companionship are sought for many reasons. Some women find they simply do not have time to forge relationships, develop long standing commitments or express the wish to engage in social niceties.

There are many reasons that women seek companionship without commitment. Some are seeking safe, uncomplicated interactions. With others, a lot like their male counterparts play a role in economic and political circles, and the lifestyle purely does not allow the time to accommodate commitment. With the demands of a high-powered position or a fast-paced lifestyle, not everyone has time to work on developing or maintaining relationships.  

It is completely untrue all women are naturally expecting the glittering ring, white picket fence, and 2.5 kids. Some modern women voluntarily choose modern self-care, successful careers and a single lifestyle over committed relationships. Opting-out of having to accommodate the demands of relationships and families is something we are seeing more often amongst a generation of self-empowering and introspective woman who choose careers and single lifestyles over traditional commitment and family.

Escort services have been everywhere for many years. It is a social misconception that solely men look for the company of an escort. Desiring the pleasant companionship of a willing man is a personal choice and should be uncomplicated. Social websites and apps are linking like-minded people without all the hassle. 

This is why modern women looking for male companions are utilizing websites like that to offer a suitable match. Encountering someone to share a pleasing conversation and companionship with is easier than ever before.  

Men offer their companionship and services, women use these services. It is that straightforward! It is a simple, direct interaction and one which is only complicated by social norms and values. For some, the company of an escort offers them the control, the chance at casual expression without judgment and the opportunity to “merely be.”