Who doesn’t like to brag a brand new car purchase? The smell of the new seat covers, the satisfaction that the car is in 100% working condition, as you are the first owner of it. Yes, all that when dramatized sounds too perfect but in reality it is quite exaggerated. A car at the end of the day is just a car and a means to get you from point A to point B and both a brand new car and a used one will be able to do that. Here are 4 major reasons that will have you convinced that it is wiser to invest in a pre-loved car.


As soon as you drive off the showroom porch, the value of a brand new car drops by about 25% in addition to which there is yearly depreciation, which is the highest when the value of the car is more. Such drop in value doesn’t seem like a wise investment. Instead if you buy a car that is a year or two old and is well maintained then you can get a pretty good steal.

More Variety

We all have a limited budget in mind when we are saving up for a car. Going for a brand new car will definitely have you tied in a narrow set of options. But if you open yourself up to the used car market, you will have a much wider pool of options to choose from.

Better Value for Money

Depreciation is not the only problem. The thing is buying a used car will get you a better car for the same amount of money.  For example, if you were looking to invest in a brand new 3-door hatchback, then in the used car market, you can probably afford a prestigious SUV. In short, buying a used car will probably mean you can upgrade to a better model and a better make, whichever you prefer. Else, if you choose to go for the same model and make then you get to save up a ton of money!

Certified Pre-Owned Cars!

Most people who are afraid of buying a second hand car basically fear buying a car that might have a weak engine, is accidental or have parts that do not run smoothly. But this is not a problem anymore as many credible car garages sell certified pre-owned cars. These cars undergo a rigorous pre-inspection criterion before they are put on market. They come with a complete inspection that repairs any previous damage or worn parts, before the car is offered for sale. This minimizes the doubts that a buyer may have before buying a used car. KAP Motors is one such credible car dealer that sells cars that they guarantee a 100%. You can buy pre- inspected used Nissan cars online from KAP Motors. Visit their website to view their full collection and take your pick.

All in all, purchasing a car is an investment, one which you don’t make every other day. So, take your time. Weigh all the pros and cons and make a wise investment.