There has been an explosion of men’s fashion, dominating our high street stores with eye-catching designs and edgy logos. With so much choice out there now, it’s important that you don’t get caught up in browsing all day and that you’re still stocking up your wardrobe with the essentials. After all, it’s hard to get lost in the huge range of men’s fashion that’s currently out there.

Streetwear has become hugely popular amongst the male population, with a focus on distressed garments and stylishly placed motifs. So, if you’re hoping to get your hands on the ultimate wardrobe staples this year, look no further.

Great pair of jeans

Jeans are probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could own. Wear with a hoodie for chilling out, or pair with a shirt for a smarter appearance. Whether your personal preference is the traditional blue jean, or you prefer black, grey or even white, jeans are the ultimate must-have for everyone.

Denim lovers have never had more options to choose from; while bell bottom jeans belonged in the 1970s and acid wash was a clear popular choice throughout the 80s, this decade is home to skinny and fitted jeans. However, the colours and extra enhancements can ensure you look different from the crowd.

Take your style a step further and opt for ripped jeans with distressed knees or rips up the leg; they’re a design that have resurfaced and it looks like they are here to stay!

Lounging tracksuit

Everyone needs that go-to outfit when you’re running out to complete errands, or comfortable clothes when you aren’t doing much around the house. A tracksuit is the perfect solution; stylish tracksuit bottoms paired with a hoodie that ensures you can achieve streetwear style effortlessly.

With so many different designs and colours out there, opt for something a bit different; a contrasting coloured stripe down the side of the leg or a unique embroidered logo.

T-shirt collection

A varied collection of t-shirts is invaluable. Great for any occasion, t-shirts are available in so many different styles that you’d be silly to not have a drawer full of them. Whether it’s a night with the lads, a cinema trip or running out to the shop, throwing a simple t-shirt on can keep you looking presentable.

Choose from long-sleeved or short-sleeved depending on your personal taste, and the weather, and keep your collection fresh. Plain, graphic prints or simple sleeve details can all make a massive difference to your style.

Versatile denim jacket

No matter the time of year, but particularly through spring and summer, having a denim jacket in your wardrobe is ideal. Throw it on over anything when you need that stylish, extra layer; Friday night drinks, dinner with the family or heading into town to shop, your denim jacket is a trusty garment to have with you.

Choose a unique take on the traditional denim; opt for bleached denim with embroidered motifs or even something different like a camo print denim jacket.

Whatever clothes catch your eye this year, having these staples tucked away mean you’ve always got an outfit ready for the next big thing.