Looking for a new workout in the capital? We’re pumped to working with teapigs this week and discovering their brand new Feel Good teas. You can get involved in the special week by following them on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here. One of our favourite teas in the Feel Good range is the Up Beet tea for energy – a punchy blend of hibiscus, ginger, green tea and beetroot, this tea will have you bouncing your way to 5pm without a sugary energy drink in sight. Once you’ve drunk your tea, if you’re looking for a new workout in London, here’s our favourite new energising classes in the capital:

1. For an Anti-Desk Workout: Pilates Squared 

What: Pilates Squared is a boutique studio in South West London, founded by Caron Bosler. Caron has been teaching Pilates for 25+ years, and has always strived to be on the cutting edge of what embodies pilates today. The result is a mixture of everything Caron has learned and absorbed from her training and studies. The team mix pilates, dance, yoga, TRX, minitramp and strength training to give you the long, lean and toned body.

The Class: Working at a desk all day long is hard both physically and mentally. Muscles become weak and tight, making it increasingly difficult to have good posture. Pilates Squared have created the anti-desk workout to combat the fatigue of sitting all day every day.  This invigorating hour stretches and tones, pushes and pulls muscle groups on the Reformer with a focus on stretching your back and chest improving posture – ultimately making it easier to sit taller for longer periods of time.

Where: 27 Emperors Gate, 27 Emperor’s Gate, London SW7 4HS

Photo Credit: Reni D

2. For HIIT Training: F45 Tottenham Court Road

What: F45 is the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world, and is set to explode in the UK. Their flagship studio has just opened on Tottenham Court Road, and there are lots of new studios opening across the UK. Their ethos is functional 45 minute sessions (hence F45), and comprise ¾ hour of HIIT circuit workouts. Grab a cup of teapigs Up Beet tea and get involved.

The Class: F45 Training merges 3 separate leading-edge fitness training styles into one, consummate and compelling group training experience for its members. F45 Training combines elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training. The Athletica class will help you get leaner, faster and more agile in a 45 minute cardio session that will have you sweating and gasping for air. It’s team based, intense and a great way to get those endorphins pumping.

Where: : 114-115 Tottenham Court Rd, Bloomsbury, London W1T 5AH

3. For a New Pay-to-Train Fitness Concept: BXR

What: BXR have just launched their all-new pay-to-train concept which focuses on the main pillars of professional athletic training. Sweat by BXR concentrates on three classes; Skills, the ultimate high intensity training experience, designed to develop your boxing skills, Cardio, a non impact, full body cardio workout that burns more calories per minute than any other cardio machine, and Strength and Conditioning, a class which focuses on strength, power, mobility and endurance.

The Class: The Skills workout is designed to teach and hone boxing skills using a variety of drills including; jab, hook and cross and upper cut punch combinations. The Strength and Conditioning class has been designed by Nike Master Trainer and Anthony Joshua’s strength and conditioning coach, Jamie Reynolds, these bespoke classes  use dumbbells, kettlebells and suspension training, and uses conditioning methods practiced by modern athletes. Cardio is Europe’s first-ever group Versaclimber training class for a full body cardio workout. The Versaclimber burns more calories per minute (average of 22.3 per minute) than any other cardio machine whilst offering a zero-impact and injury preventative workout.

Where: 24 Paddington St, Marylebone, London W1U 5QX

4. For a Full Body Workout: GymClass

What: GymClass was founded by 38-year-old fitness guru Helle Hammond in 2014. They’ve just opened the doors to their second site opened the doors of its second gym near Liverpool Street. Famous for its explosive high intensity interval and strength training work out, the new classes at GymClass will put you through your paces.

The Class: Helle personally designed the GymClass workout to deliver distinct results, burning up to 1000 calories per class, melting fat, building fitness, sculpting the body and strengthening the core. Classes are broken down into sections corresponding with Helle’s unique training method, which entails ‘Spot, Split, Switch’, to promote shredding, strengthening and sculpting. Sections include group and individual cardio exercises combined with slower paced toning and strength techniques, followed by metabolic conditioning, strength work and HIIT, all strategically designed to raise metabolism, burn fat and develop core strength, flexibility and balance.

Where: 168 Holland Park Ave, London W11 4UH

5. For a Heart Rate: Transition Zone

What: Not for the faint hearted – HiPer Zone fuses exercise with technology to deliver an optimal performance fitness experience unlike any other. The aim is to offer next generation workouts that wouldn’t be out of place in a professional athlete’s training schedule.

The Class: Using state-of-the-art heart rate monitoring technology, they assess individual and team output based on real time data. It enables the trainers to detect anomalies – whether that’s people under or over performing – and adjust the class accordingly. The new class, Hiper Zone Power, follows a specially designed circuit based format using battle ropes, a squat rack, wall climbing ladder with pull up bar, jump boxes, kettle bells and a whole lot more. The difference between the individual workouts lies in the details: your heart rate zone, the focus of the class and your work/rest ratio. After the class, Transition Zone send you a detailed breakdown of how well you performed and what you achieved during the 45-minute session.

Where: 17 Heathman’s Rd, Fulham, London SW6 4TJ

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