Is there anything nicer in the world than candlelit yoga? Paired with a cup of Snooze tea, it’s a match made in heaven. This week, we’re so excited to be working with our friends at teapigs to discover their brand new Feel Good teas. Expect tons of great tea features, feel good ideas in the capital and a very special competition giveaway for one lucky reader – you can get involved by following them on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here. If you’re a yoga lover, discover the top candlelit yoga classes in London – and put the kettle on for a cup of Snooze tea by teapigs after. Perfection. Here’s the capital’s best candlelit classes:

London’s Best CandleLit Yoga: Ultimate Guide

Best Hot Candlelit Yoga: Yogacentric

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What: Hot Candlelit Yin Yoga (60 minutes)

The Lowdown: The studio is flooded by candle light and within this calming setting, Yogacentric run their extremely popular Yin class. This class opens the body gently, which encourages deep sleep (much like Snooze tea!) and taking you to a place of ultimate calm.

Why: It’s all about relaxation and a deep stretch in this class. Postures are held for longer to allow for a deeper, more restorative practice and the temperature is lowered to 34 degrees as they gently guide you through a number of realignment and opening postures.

Where: Exchange House, 71 Crouch End Hill, Crouch End, London N8 8DF

Best Calming Candlelit Yoga: Virgin Active

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What: Calm by Candlelight (60 minutes)

The Lowdown: This class is all about the ultimate sensory escape. Taking away the stresses of everyday life, the candlelight removes distractions so you turn your attention within and relax deeply.

Why: A great way to relax and de-stress after a busy day, this class is a perfect for city-dwellers and busy bess. Expect a little bit of everything – the class combines breathing techniques, long holds and props like blocks, bolsters and blankets. The props support different body parts so that you can sink into each posture, stretch passively and let go of all tension. As your heart rate slows, you’ll also quieten the mind. Yes, please.

Where: See here

Best Nourishing Class: Glow Yoga

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What: Bliss Yoga (60 minutes)

The Lowdown: Glow Yoga Bliss are like none other in London. These classes have been specially created to nourish you back into balance, with a really restorative practice. Candlelight creates a beautifully tranquil atmosphere and the studio is gently heated by infrared to encourage the body to open safely and soothes stiffness and muscle soreness.

Why: Bliss classes have been designed to rid you of everyday stress and to nurture the sympathetic nervous system with a carefully constructed series of poses. It’s great for all yogis; poses are supported with props, to encourage the body to release and open without tension. Poses are often held for several minutes with relaxed musculature to encourage fascia throughout the body to ease and open. This results in deep releases into tight spots and areas of holding, a deeper connection with the breath and a calm awareness of mind.

Where: 14-16 Betterton St, London WC2H 9BU

Photo credit: Glow Yoga

Best Restorative Yoga: Battersea Yoga

What: Candlelit Restorative Yoga (60 minutes)

The Lowdown: For many people, this candlelit class is the most relaxing class of the week. A deep restorative class by candle light on Friday nights – a great way to unwind after a long week.

Why: You’ll leave feeling totally refreshed and calm, with a truly calming practice. This class is all about breathing and relaxation, with a slow class designed to relax your muscles after the working week. No better way to spend a Friday night, we say.

Where: 2 Cambridge Rd, Kite Yard, London SW11 4TA

Best Barefoot Training: Meschi5

What: Meschi5 (60 minutes)

The Lowdown: Enter a candlelit world with barefoot training set to rhythms from around the world. This class is global but Brazilian in spirit with playful, graceful and sassy movements. Expect a fusion workout with the mindfulness and breath of yoga, the balance training of capoeira and some serious strength training – dancer style.

Why: This comprehensive workout offers training that is highly effective but low-impact (good for joints.) You’ll get the endurance, flexibility, balance and strength training from multiple workouts in one class, in less than an hour.

Where: Academy Mews Dance Studios, 15 Pratt Mews, London NW1 0AD

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