Some people have been born for romance, they enjoy reading love novels and watching romantic movies. Dreamers who live by imagining a future full of emotion and romanticism. These kind of persons always expect great acts of unconditional love, and that’s why they don’t always see their expectations fulfilled when they finally find a couple.

Romantic people tend to be very passionate, which is usually a positive thing, except when they’re prone to put on a drama about anything. Buying gifts for someone with these characteristics can be a hard task. To make the best purchase, follow the tips below.

1. The best gifts are those that come from the heart. The present itself is not as important as what it represents: the affection you feel for the other person. That’s why sometimes the best choice is a handmade gift or something that isn’t necessarily expensive but shows that you really care.

2. Dozen red roses. If there’s one thing that represents the romantic spirit, it’s a bouquet of red roses. Besides being beautiful, red roses are a symbol of love and passion. There are also some other colours that can help us to demonstrate that we have a genuine feeling for this special person. For example, a pink rose shows appreciation, admiration and honesty, it’s a good present.

3. Chocolates. As typical as it may be, chocolate has always been a symbol of love. And it’s delicious too! A large box or basket of bonbons and sweets with different flavours can brighten someone’s day.

4. Jewellery. Marilyn Monroe said so in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But you don’t have to pawn all your belongings to buy jewellery from your partner. Sometimes a cheap bracelet or earrings are more than enough. Jewels are not excluded if your partner is a man, you can also find great variety of male items for him. There are so many online stores like Braceletworld that sell bracelets for lovers and you have plenty to choose from. Everyone knows these pretty tokens, however simple, will remind your loved one of your affection.

5. And for those who believe that love is demonstrated by great actions, try to declare your feelings in a public way. You can dedicate a song, make a romantic statement, or even ask for the hand in marriage.